Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things Can Wait.

My first foray into blogging! Forgive me as I find my way.

There are several blogs that I love to read, I have them bookmarked and check them daily. The first, The Happiness Project, I stumbled upon randomly. When I began reading it I suddenly realized how often we forget to be happy. The author has a list of personal commandments and I began the big task of creating my own, but I will leave that for another day. As I continued to surf the internet I came upon 1000 Awesome Things. Instantly I was excited as I read that days awesome thing. I went through the long list reading many of the posts and was amazed at how many of the things the author listed I too find awesome. For example #587 is taking out your ponytail. Umm... hello! That is one of the best parts of the end of the day! From there I discovered Gives Me Hope and It Made My Day.

Why am I telling you about other blogs? Well because it leads to my point, hang in there. I am a recent college grad and am job hunting. I love to read. Unemployed+lots of free time= lots of reading. As I read books if a certain phrase or quote pops out at me I add it to a list that I keep. I have been rereading a series by Dee Henderson that I love. Recently in one of these books a main character is absorbed in her work. She is asked to slip away and watch the sunset but she says she has more calls to finish. The man's reply, "Those will wait. The sunset won't." And this blog was born. This book series and the blogs I mentioned above reminded me to slow down.

How often my to-do list gets long, emails pile up, my desk gets overloaded and I forget. I forget to take a minute and stand in awe of the wonder around me. I have a feeling this blog will cover a plethora of things. Stories from my life, references to books and music, reflections on things I read, see or hear, a record of my desire to remember how truly blessed I am.

No matter when you may stumble across this blog, I encourage you to think about that thing that makes you stop and appreciate the world around you. What makes you stop and smell the roses so to speak. I have several that I can think of: the sunset, seeing stars in the night sky when I am out of the city and lilies. I would love to hear what yours may be!

Remember, things will wait, the sunset won't.

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