Monday, May 16, 2011

Choose Wisely... Echo of Your Past or Glory of Your Future

On this day, God wants you to know
... that you can be an echo of your past, or the glory of your future. Past is connected to future through the present. At this very moment, at every moment, you are choosing to carry on the past with all its troubles on your shoulders, OR to let it go and see bright future pull your forward. Choose wisely.

That was a post I saw on a friends Facebook page one day.  I kept it.  Knowing that it was a reflection of what I so needed to hear.  

You hear people talk about baggage.  About things from their past holding them back.  About doors closing.  Relationships held at a distance.  But to think of it like this, that you are choosing to carry it, and all its troubles on your shoulders.

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Sometimes, you need a break.  You need to lighten the load.  So you take that yoke off your shoulders and set it down for a moment.  But you pick it back up.  Thinking that you have to.  That it's a load you must carry down the road.  With water splishing and splashing out of the buckets you carry on.

But you could try and let it go.  And let the bright future ahead of you pull you.  Let it pull you towards it, away from the weight of the past.

This is something that I did this weekend.  I took a day and drove with one of my best friends to our college.  We visited campus and some favorite places in the city.  An old friend, whom I haven't spoken to in over a year for various reasons, met us there.  And it was hard.  I still held some bitterness, some hurt, some anger towards her.  The conversation was odd, she didn't ask a single question about my friend and I.  What was going on in our lives, where we were working... not a single thing.

But I realized that it wasn't hurting her.  I needed to let it go.  Yes, it will still hurt a little.  It may for a long time.  

But I am choosing to carry that on my shoulders.  Instead I need to choose to set it down.  And to let the bright future that lays ahead of me pull me through.  Pull me forward. 

So you can choose.  Choose to be either an echo of your past, or choose to be the glory of your future.  At every moment in your life you make a choice.  A choice to carry on the past or to let it go and see the bright future ahead of you.  A choice to be the echo of your past, or the amazing glory of your future.

So choose.  Choose wisely.

Remember to live the best you can.  Love the most you can.  Tell the people that you love, you love them.  Take a break and soak up the sun.  
 Moments are precious, many things can wait... The Sunset Won't.


  1. Just came across your blog while looking for people doing the 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge. Great message!


  2. Great post! I have a problem just letting it go sometimes and it's a good reminder to know I don't HAVE to carry it with me. Happy Monday!

  3. This is just great. I really needed something like this to read..
    I have subscribed to your blog and I love the Name.. Everything can wait but the sunset won't..

    Waiting for more inspirational posts!


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