Welcome to The Sunset Won't!  

When I first started blogging in January of 2010 I wrote:
I have a feeling this blog will cover a plethora of things. 
Stories from my life, references to books and music, 
reflections on things I read, see or hear, 
a record of my desire to remember how truly blessed I am.

It evolved from there to a place of sharing stories of my life, lessons I've learned or desire to learn, book reviews, and more.

Who is this blog for?

This blog is for those who seek.  Who seek hope.  Connection.  Faith.  Love.  Second Chances.  For those who like to dance in the rain and sing in the shower.  For people who love books.  Who wrestle with Faith.  For people who lead busy lives full of to-do lists and emails.  For people who need the reminder to stop and enjoy the sunset.  To be instead of do.  It's for people who seek an honest conversation about life.  

My hope is that however you stumble across this blog that you find something that makes you stop, take a moment, and remember that there are many things in life that can wait.  But The Sunset Won't.

Why The Sunset Won't?

A book by Dee Henderson called "The Guardian" had this passage:
"Slip away and come watch the sunset."
'There are more calls to finish.'
"Those will wait. The sunset won't"

This passage is the inspiration for this blog. I am working to remember to live life the best I can. To love life as much as I can. Many things in life can wait, they aren't that important, but The Sunset Won't. It waits for no one.

A Bit About Me:

  1. You can call me Heather.  
  2. I call the midwest home.
  3. I started blogging January 28th, 2010 with a post about how Things Can Wait.
  4. I love quotes.  I love finding them and snapping pictures, writing them on paper, typing them into my phone and eventually sharing them with others.  
  5. I love the rain.  Actual rain.  Not necessarily the rainstorms of life.  Even though they make the sun more beautiful.
  6. Purple and teal are my favorite colors.  Love. 
  7. I'm a reading teacher.  
  8. I have a degree in Social Studies/History Teaching, a minor in Sociology.  I went back to get an additional Reading Specialist license.  Did I mention I starting my Master's program in 2015?
  9. Music is the words of my soul.  I constantly have a song in my head.  
  10. When listening to the radio I tend to sing harmony or back up vocals... especially in the car.
  11. I recently bought a record player and am LOVING going to stores to find records, both new and old to listen to.
  12. Chocolate is one of my food groups.  
  13. I bake a mean frosted sugar cookie.
  14. My heritage is a mix of Swedish, Czech, (Bohemian), Hutterite (German/Russian), Swiss, English, Irish, Dutch and French. 
  15.  Chapstick, lip gloss, lipstick... I am always with at least one option within my reach.  If not three or four.
  16. I enjoy organizing.  But really don't like cleaning.  Especially dishes.
  17. Travel.  Yes please!  Since 2004 I've been to: Hawaii, a whirlwind two-week European tour (London, Paris, Monaco, Nice, Lucerne), Disney World, South Dakota, Colorado, a road trip to the beaches of Emerald Isle, conferences in Dallas and New Orleans, mission trips to Detroit and Guatemala.
  18. I ended up in a Guatemalan hospital where the doctors and nurses spoke no English.  Guatemala is not somewhere I plan on going back to.
  19. Plans.  I am a girl who loves her plans.  Problem is they never go as I hope.  And I am often to impatient to wait for God's plans for me to unfold.
  20. I struggle with weight, but love food to much to give it up.
  21. I am a collector.  It started when I was younger with collecting tea pots.  Then it moved to keeping an eye out for really cool old books.  Now I am OBSESSED with finding those press-a-penny machines.
  22. I love salted caramel gelato.  Or coconut gelato.  With Nutella on it.  Yum!
  23. I can get hangry if I'm not careful.
  24. I always have snacks on me.  Mostly because I'm hypoglycemic, but also see above.
  25. I worry about what other people think more than I should.
  26. I love me some White Christmas.  
  27. Someday I'd love to write a book.  It would be nice if it was published.
  28. Decision making is not something that come easily for me.
  29. I love lists.  Because I love lists I love pretty pens and planners.
  30. I own an ridiculous amount of prescription eyeglasses (over a dozen) thanks to an online retailer that is a fabulous deal.
  31. I am Christ follower.
  32. I am the first to admit that my faith is not always as strong as I'd like it to be. 
  33. Coffee is a must for me.  Every morning.
  34. I don't recommend trying to have a coherent or logical conversation with me before I've had said cup of coffee.
  35. I didn't try mountain dew until I was in high school, where I discovered I wasn't missing much.
  36. I love Doctor Who.
  37. If I had a catchphrase it would be either "I love (or like) me some ___." or "Shut the front door."
  38. I love lilies.
  39. I cry at Hallmark commercials.
  40. My mom is a quilter, I just don't think I have the patience for it.
  41. I rent a duplex with my college roommate.  I wish I owned a townhome.  But I'm too picky and don't have money to afford it.
  42. I love shopping, going to movies and eating out.  Unfortunately for me my student loans, car payments, rent, utilities and need to buy groceries outweigh that love.
  43. I graduated college in 2009 with one goal in mind: be the person I wanted to be. Trouble was, I didn't know who that was.  I'm still not sure I do.
  44. I have Psalm 23 memorized.
  45. My favorite bible story is that of Joseph that starts in Genesis chapter 37.
  46. I write a lot of book reviews.  It helps feed my reading habit.
  47. July 4th is my favorite holiday.  
  48. Christmas is my favorite holiday to decorate for.
  49. I have a younger brother who is on the Autism spectrum.
  50. I really like even numbers.

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