Friday, April 15, 2011

Dream Jobs, That's All They'll Ever Be

I was reading B.A.R.E. the other day and B shared a post about dream jobs.  I thought about all of the jobs that I've dreamed of over the years.  The one that came true, and the ones that will never be.

1. Country Star
Could you imagine?  I can.  I imagined what songs I would sing, what the stage would look like, what kind of opening act I would have.  How I would close the show with an encore that brought out my opening acts to join me.  I imagined the name I would use, since I wouldn't want to use my real last name.

2. Bookstore/Cafe Owner
I love to read.  I enjoy baking.  I love to grab a book, a cup of tea or coffee and a treat and disappear into a book.  So I thought if I could own a bookstore that had a small bakery/cafe in it, that would be perfect. A customer could purchase a book, grab a coffee and a biscotti, walk over to a table outside or an overstuffed chair in the corner and enjoy.

3. Author
I love to read, and I enjoy writing.  I'm not the best at it.  But I love stories, the weaving of characters.  I think it would an amazing job to be able to write professionally.

4. Travel Channel Host (travel for young adults)
I enjoy traveling and am always jealous of the cool places that travel channel hosts get to visit.  The only bad part, I've never felt like they hit on the places I would go, and if they did, it was always way too expensive.  Something not feasible for young adults, who don't have a ton of cash.  So I would do it right.

5. Radio Host
There's a talk radio station where I live.  I always think about how great it would be to sit and talk for a few hours and get paid to do it.  To be on top of the latest news and gossip.  I also think being a radio DJ would great.  You get to play great music, give away stuff, go to concerts, meet artists.  I mean, awesome, for a person who loves music like I do.

6. Record Executive
Speaking of loving music, there are so many talented people and groups out there.  Groups that don't really get a chance, don't get the help they need, the guidance they need from a record label.  They aren't given the opportunity to become the full artist they could be, or they're never even heard at all.

7. Teacher
Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to be a teacher.  When I was in 5th grade, my teacher Mrs. Wilson gave me all her left over worksheets and her blue teacher notebook at the end of the year.  I was SO excited.  When I got to middle school I had a social studies teacher who was amazing.  He made class fun, and interesting, and it made me enjoy social studies.  And growing up, my dad was a huge history buff.  To spend time with him meant watching John Wayne movies, the History Channel, documentaries and the Military Channel.  Put all those things together and you get... what I went to school to be.  A social studies teacher.  Now, maybe someday soon I can get that classroom of my very own.

What was, or is, your dream job?  What is something you've always wanted to do?


  1. We have some of the same dream jobs (you're top 3 lol) Just found your blog from 20sb and I like it already. Really like the idea of your wordy Wednesday!

  2. I am an English teacher but I would love to be a writer full time. If I never get to publish a book in this life, I would be really sad.

  3. Jacque- Thanks for stopping by! I think the top three would be really fun jobs.

    Teacher Girl- I think being an English teacher and the desire to be a writer is a natural progression. When surrounded by great words, I can imagine the desire to be able to write your own story. Thanks for stopping by!


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