My Happy List

For my 101 in 1001, one of my items was to make a list of 101 things that make me happy.  I have finally completed my list!  So please take a look and let me know what makes you happy!

So, come on, get happy :)

1Coloring with kids. I love how they can see an elaborate house or animal in oftentimes illegible scribbles to adults. Their excitement makes me happy.

2. Making my family laugh. Even if it means making an idiot out of myself or saying something crazy its worth it. Their laughs make me happy.

3Making playlists/cds for friends. When I can put together new songs for friends, or a playlist for someone going through a breakup, or a study cd, or a birthday cd I have fun. Sharing my love of music with others makes me happy.

4. Flipping to the cool side of the pillow.  Who doesn't love, in the middle of the night when you're still half asleep flipping your pillow over and enjoying the cool feeling on your face.  The cool side of the pillow makes me happy.

5. Reading a book in a comfy chair.  I love curling up with a book on a big chair.  Getting lost in a story makes me happy.

6. Hearing an old favorite song.  Your iPod is on shuffle and all of the sudden you hear it.  That song you used to love.  At some point it was one you could listen to over and over.  Hearing it makes you smile.  Its like finding a lost friend.  Being reminded of a old favorite song makes me happy.

7. Holding a sleeping baby/toddler.  You are near a baby, infant or toddler.  You notice that they are slowing down a little, maybe even looking a little sleepy.  You scoop them up and hold them in your lap.    Minutes later you realize they are asleep.  Kids are so cute when they sleep.  They are blissfully unaware of what is going on around them.  The child feels safe enough with you to fall asleep.  Holding a baby as they fall asleep makes me happy.

8. Reading something you really needed to hear.  You are reading a book, your bible, a blog, something.  And you come across a quote, line, piece of dialogue that makes you stop.  This short piece is something that resonates with you.  Perhaps it is inspiring, it's comforting, it's thought provoking.  Whatever it is, it's something that until you read it, you didn't realize you needed to hear it, that you felt that way... Finding a quote that resonates with me makes me happy.

9. An ice cold glass of tea.  I love tea.  Especially Iced Tea that is sweet.  Nothing is better than sitting down after a long day with a cold glass in your hand and taking a big sip.  Drinking a good glass of sweet tea makes me happy.

10. Making lists.  I am a little anal.  I am a little obsessive about things.  And I love to make lists.  There is little that is more satisfying than crossing something off a to-do list.  Seeing the visual confirmation that you accomplished something you needed to is remarkably satisfying.  Making a list and completing the things on it makes me happy.

11. Turning off the heat.  It's been a long, cold winter.  You are cooped up in your house with, less than fresh air, and are more than ready for spring.  Then it happens.  Sometime, typically in late March you get a day that is beautiful and the heat is not needed that day.  Having a day where I can turn off the heat, throw open all the windows and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine that spring has to offer, well, it makes me happy.

12.  Finally remembering that thing you couldn't remember.  Whether it be the name of a movie, actor, song, artist, city etc for some reason you just couldn't remember the name.  Then some time later, at a random point you remember the name.  Remembering something I couldn't earlier makes me happy.

13.  Books.  Plain and simple.  I love to read.  Getting lost in a story makes me happy.

14.  A favorite musical artist releases a new song that you didn't know about.  You're on iTunes, or listening to the radio and all of the sudden you recognize a voice.  It's your favorite artist singing a new song you didn't know they were releasing.  Hearing a new song by a favorite artist makes me happy.

15.  Getting in the fastest line.  You have had a long day shopping and are ready to checkout.  You get to the front of the store, lines form and you have to make the decision on which line to get into.  Is the shorter line necessarily going to be faster?  Or will the employee in the longer line be quicker at ringing up customers?  Lucking out and getting in the faster lane makes me happy.

16.  White, wispy clouds.  Looking into the sky on a sunny day and seeing clouds can entertain little kids pretty easily.  And I suppose I am a kid at heart.   Seeing clouds and trying to find thing they are shaped like makes me happy.

17.  Hearing a child laugh.  Have you seen the you tube clip of the little kid that laughs hysterically at a noise someone is making in the background?  Love it!  I can be having the worst day, but hearing a child laugh makes me happy.

18.  Getting mail.  Nobody likes getting bills or junk mail.  But everyone loves getting mail, right?  Getting a surprise letter, card or package in the mail makes me happy.

19.  Mementos.  Whether its my tea pot from London, pictures of the WWII Memorial in DC, shot glasses from the Black Hills or something completely different, taking a minute to look at mementos from great trips is an instant pick me up.  Looking at mementos and remembering a wonderful trip makes me happy.

20.  Cleaning off my desk.  I can sometimes be a little obsessive about some organizational things.  Putting away the stack of papers, throwing old receipts, organizing what's left on the desk are things I typically have to do before I can get any work done.  Working at a clean desk makes me happy.

21.  Sleeping under a quilt.  My mom is a quilter.  I have been blessed to receive several quilts from her.  For some reason the cocoon effect that heavy blankets can give you when you sink down in your bed makes me sleep a little better.  Sleeping under a handmade quilt makes me happy.

22. Ice Cold Beer.  I have a confession.  I am a beer girl.  I love me some Golden Light, Select 55 or MGD 60, Shock Top or Blue Moon.  Cracking open a cold beer after a long day or to be the perfect drink to go with my hot pizza.  Drinking ice cold beer makes me happy.

23Sunshine.  Does this really need an explanation? :)  Today I am sitting outside, in the sunshine as I write. (To make it better I am drinking an ice cold beer as I write)  Sitting in the sunshine, seeing the sunshine, just sunshine, makes me happy.

24. Random Text Messages.  It's been a long day and you're tired.  Then your phone beeps.  Its a random message.  It might be a 'hey what are you up to.'  Or a 'hope you're having a good day.'  Maybe its a holiday and you are getting holiday wishes.  But regardless, you weren't expecting the message.  Admit it.  You smile when you get it.  Getting and sending random text messages makes me happy.

25Good News.  Good news is always good.  Well there are exceptions but generally... Good news makes me happy.

26Watching something with my whole family.  It's rare that my parents, sibling and I all sit together to watch a tv show or a movie.  But when we do (and no one talks ) it's great.  It's nice to just be able to spend time in the same room together.  With crazy schedules, and necessary 'alone time' sometimes its hard just to grab an hour together.  But watching something with my whole family makes me happy.

27. My sibling's excited laugh/strange sound.  My sibling makes this funny laugh/'ooo' sound when he is excited or thinks something is super funny.  And every time I hear it I laugh.  My siblings excited laugh makes me happy.

28Learning about my heritage. I think that my families heritage has an amazing story.  I find it more and more interesting the more I learn or hear.  Being a history lover doesn't hurt.  Learning about my heritage makes me happy.

29Getting pictures of Mr. Man.  No it's not a significant other.  It's my nephew.  Well, really not, he's my cousin's son.  But she and her hubby are only children so I get to be an honorary aunt.  Mr. Man and his family live on a completely different side of the country, so I don't see him.  In fact, I have only met him once.  But I send gifts and I get pictures.  Getting pictures of Mr. Man makes me happy.

30Memories involving family.  I am getting pretty specific with this one.  Because memories of family are completely different than memories of other things.  I don't have the greatest memory which makes the things I do remember all the more special.  Memories involving family make me happy.

31The first night in fresh, clean sheets.  Love it!  Hard to explain why.  Sleeping that first night in clean sheets makes me happy.

32Long showers.  The kind of shower where you have nowhere to be and can take as much time as you want to just stand in the shower.  You don't have to worry about getting to work, or getting out of the bathroom for the next person.  Long showers make me happy.   

33Waking up before the alarm.  It's the middle of the night, or early in the morning and you are half asleep.  You think 'surely it is almost time to get up' so you roll over to check out your alarm clock.  And to your amazement you still have lots of time to sleep before your alarm goes off.  Having more time to sleep makes me happy.

34The moment the lights go out at a concert.  You know that moment.  You are at a concert of one of your favorite bands.  The lights go out and in that moment the audience collectively goes silent for a split second before going crazy.  You know you are seconds away from one of your favorite songs.  That moment of pure anticipation at a concert makes me happy.

35Watching little kids at a fireworks show.  I love watching little kids watch a fireworks show.  The innocent amazement on their face.  That sense of awe and wonder at the pretty designs in the night sky.  The look on kids faces when they see fireworks at night makes me happy.

36Absolute, perfectly still silence.  Sometimes noise is great.  But there is once in awhile where absolute serene silence just makes me happy.

37 Baking cookies.  I really enjoy baking.  Especially sugar cookies from scratch and then making homemade frosting in different colors.  It can be calming for me.  Mixing the dough, rolling it, cutting it, frosting it.  It's an activity where if my mind wanders it's okay, and I still get a wonderful result.  Baking cookies from scratch makes me happy.

38Ice cream.  My favorite sundae is light vanilla ice cream with hot caramel and hot fudge on top.  Delicious.  But my overall favorite kind of ice cream is Vanilla Bean.  I also am really beginning to like coffee ice cream, a lot.  Eating ice cream makes me happy.

39. The smell of lilacs in the air.  There are a few weeks in spring when lilacs are blooming when the air smells sweet.  The slight hint of lilac in the air makes me happy.

40Flashback Music.  A recurring theme on this list will be music.  When I have iTunes on shuffle, or I just get in that certain mood, flashback music is awesome.  It could be 80's music classics.  A great theme song to a old movie (a la 'Highway to the Danger Zone' and Top Gun).  Or, I am slightly embarrassed to admit my love for the boy band O-town.  They are flashback songs.  Flashback music that reminds me of good times makes me happy.

41Sun showers.  You look outside and seen the shining rays of the warm sun.  Then all of the sudden you hear it.  You hear it before you see it.  The gentle pit pat of the rain drops as they hit the ground.  Knowing that the sun can still shine through the rain makes me happy.

42. The progression of a rain.  It starts with a single rain drop.  The a few more.  It's a small shower, then it begins to build.  You know there is more to come from the overcast clouds and the smell that has lingered in the air.  The sprinkle turns to a shower.  The shower to a storm that slowly builds.  Hearing the progression of rain as it builds makes me happy.

43S'mores around a fire.  Stories are shared, laughs are had.  But making s'mores around a fire makes me happy.

44The perfect marshmallow.  You put the gooey marshmallow on the stick.  You hold it a certain distance from a hot coal of wood near the edge of the fire.  You wait.  Gently rotating the marshmallow 360 degrees.  You know that if you wait patiently golden brown perfection awaits.  Making the perfect marshmallow, and eating it, makes me happy.

45Watching a fire burn in a pit.  There is something intensely calming about watching a fire in a fireplace or fire pit burn.  It starts as a small flame that moves to consume all the wood that it can.  But you know you are safe because it is confined.  The glow of the embers, the warmth of the flames, the crackle of the wood all pull you in.  You can get lost in simply staring at the flames.  Thinking back on your day or completely clearing your mind.  Sitting next to a fireplace or pit and watching it burn makes me happy.

46. Making the first driving tracks down a snowy street.  You wake up in the middle of winter and look outside.  There are a few inches of freshly fallen snow.  Yes, this means you have to bundle yourself up until you feel like an eskimo to trudge out to your car to clear it off.  You have to start up the engine and let it run for a few minutes so that when you are ready to leave you at least can enjoy the warmth of the car on your way to your destination.  But when you back out of that driveway, or pull away from the curb and you are the first car to make tracks in the snow.  There is something awesome in that.  Like you are making your mark.  Making those first tracks down a snowy street makes me happy.

47Freshly mowed grass.  For some reason I really like the smell of freshly mowed grass.  I like to look at the pattern that the lawn mower has made as it tames the grass.  Spring and summer are here and you know it because the smell is in the air.  So for some odd reason, freshly mowed grass makes me happy.

48Friends.  We have lots of different types of relationships when it comes to friends.  The funny one that we can count on for a laugh.  The serious one who we go to for deep conversation.  The fun one that makes every situation fun.  The reliable one who you can always count on.  The listener, the encourager, the quick chat, the older friend, the younger friend, the opposite sex friend.  There are many different kinds.  Sometimes on person fills multiple roles.  Sometimes relationships are strained and you might not speak, other times you talk every day.  But friends, new and old, make me happy.

49Knowing what someone is talking about.  Perfect example.  Last night I was driving with a couple people and Person A was describing to Person B a commercial about a guy driving a minivan and being made fun of.  Point is I knew exactly what commercial Person A was referring to.  Maybe someone is talking about a song, tv show, philosopher, historical figure, crayola color.  You know what they mean when they are describing something to another person or group.  You feel smart, educated, 'in the know.'  Knowing what someone is talking about makes me happy.

50Being home alone.  While sometimes we all enjoy company and talking.  There are times when the hum of the refrigerator, the birds outside the window, the occasional creaks of the house are all the company you need.  Well those and perhaps a book or movie.  Sometimes we just need to unwind.  In those moments, of chosen seclusion we can recharge.  Being home alone so I can recharge makes me happy.

51Purple pens.  Black, blue, green and red.  The standard colors of a pen.  Realistically green is harder to find and less common.  I love Pentel EnerGel purple ink pens.  (specific I know, but seriously, they're awesome)  A good pen is hard to find, so when you find one you love it.  This pen writes well, is a pretty color and it's different. Writing with a purple pen makes me happy.

52My ragtime quilt.  As I mentioned before my mom is a quilter.  My ragtime quilt is well-used.  Snuggling under my ragtime makes me happy.

53Disney movies.  The unrealistic expectations about hair, men, talking animals.  Oh, how I love Disney.  But really, I love the music.  That's probably my favorite part.  I love Disney movies.  And I am amazed at when I sub or a teaching how excited students are when they get to watch a disney movie in class.  They are universally appealing.  There is something for everyone.  Which is my favorite?  Sleeping Beauty!

54The blue music box.  When my grandpa was very ill he purchased two gifts from the nursing home gift store.  A snow globe for me and a small blue music box for my grandma.  I always loved that music box.  It was small, but decorative.  The music was beautiful.  Seeing that blue music box makes me happy.

55Music.  Music is the key to my soul.  If you want to know how I am feeling listen to what I have playing on my iTunes.  There is a playlist, artist or album that I turn to for almost everything.   Music is a huge part of my life.  Music makes me happy.

56Fitting into those pants.  Most women will know exactly what I mean.  There is that pair of pants that you have shoved in the back of your closet, or in the bottom of a dresser drawer.  You haven't worn them in a long time because they don't fit.  One day, feeling particularly adventurous you decide to pull those suckers out.  You try them on, and low and behold, they fit.  Fitting into those pants makes me happy.

57Comforting a friend.  There is something about comforting a friend, making their load lighter, cheering them up, sharing some sage advice.  Being able to comfort a friend makes me happy.

58Random Gifts.  I am not saying that I want to get gifts all the time.  But when someone randomly gives you a gift, for no reason other than they saw something and thought of you... it just makes you smile.  And giving a random gift and seeing that smile on someone else's face is just as rewarding.  Random gifts make me happy.

59Favorite TV shows.  I have seen every episode of 'Bones.'  But there is something about that show for me.  Whenever I watch it I smile.  I might have seen an episode 6 times but I still enjoy watching it.  Yes, I know who did it, how they did it, and whether they were caught.  But it doesn't matter.  Because favorite tv shows make me happy.

60. A good hair/makeup day. It's been a long week.  You're tired and can't wait for Friday to get here.  You get up, shower, do your hair and put on your face (your makeup).  You look in the mirror for a final check before you walk out the door and you stop.  Not in a self-absorbed way, but you look and think, "man my hair looks good today," "I did a good job with my makeup today," or perhaps, "this looks really cute today."  It's exciting.  Because as we know a bad hair day can ruin your mood.  So a good hair/makeup day makes me happy.

61. Starting my day slowly.  You wake up when you want to, not when your alarm goes off.  You thrown on a robe or sweatshirt and head to the kitchen where you make a fresh pot of coffee.  You check emails, read, sit with your coffee and look outside.  You take the time to start your day on the right foot.  Taking the time to start my day slowly makes me happy.

62. Finding a new drink you like.  Whether it’s the chai tea that I’ve been making every night the past 5 nights because I like it.  Or the Pink Truck wine that I put on ice last night and added a little 7-up to to make it bubbly.  Finding a new drink that I like makes me happy.

63. Feeling useful.  Nobody wants to feel useless.  So when you get that opportunity to help someone, whether you are asked or not you feel good.  And the point is that you didn’t do it so you would feel good, you did it to help someone else.  But feeling useful, feeling a part of something, feeling like you can do something is a wonderful feeling.  Feeling useful makes me happy.

64. Seeing God’s hand in something.  For everyone this is different.  It can be in a person you meet, a song you hear, a light you miss, a job you do or don’t get.  But looking back on that event, or sometimes if you’re lucky, in that very moment you stop and think that was exactly how it was supposed to be.  Call it fate, serendipity, God, call it what you want.  But those moments where I see God’s hand in something makes me happy.

65. When someone does something unexpected for you.  Most recently my best friend called her workplace and told them she couldn’t work one day because a relative of mine was having major surgery and she wanted to be in the area in case something happened.  We talked on the phone a few times throughout the day.  It was awesome.  She didn’t have to do that, I would have understood if she had to go to work.  Did I mention that she works at her college 2 hours away.  She stayed at her parent’s place near where I live.  When someone does something unexpected, and thoughtful, it makes me happy.

66. Typing without looking at the keyboard, making a mistake or just typing fast.  Lame, right?  But I get so excited when I don’t have to slow down to hit delete.  When I can just zoom through what I am typing.  When I came home from college I was im’ing with a friend and my parents asked to see my computer because they didn’t believe that I was typing that fast.  Getting on a roll when I am typing makes me happy.

67. The perfect cup of coffee.  Coffee and tea drinkers have a certain way they like their beverage made.  For coffee, I most often like one packet of sweet and low and some hazelnut creamer.  But there is a certain ratio that must be achieved.  I most often do not achieve it, but when you take that first sip of your drink and its exactly how you like it?  Well, having the perfect cup of coffee or tea makes me happy.

68. When your distress signal is answered.  When we are down, sad or in a rut I think that on occasion we must send out silent distress signals.  Like the bat signal high in the sky.  Maybe you heard the call.  You got a sudden urge to text or call a friend.  To shoot an email.  Or maybe your signal was answered.  You received a random text from a good friend on a day when you were seriously bumming.  Answered distress signals make me happy.

69. Sales.  Those shoes you think are really cute.  A book by an author you love.  Your favorite kind of ice cream.  Whatever it may be, when you walk through the store and see that the item you were keeping your eye on, or something you are interested, and it’s on sale, doesn’t it just make your day?

70. Perfectly timed commercial breaks.  You’re watching a favorite show but you want to grab a drink, snack, your cell phone you left in another room, etc.  Then its commercial break.  You dash up the stairs to your room and grab your phone, head back to the kitchen, rummage through cupboards until you find that bag of sun chips and then look in the fridge for a diet soda.  You hustle back to your tv and just as you sit back down on the couch the show comes back.  Perfectly timed commercial breaks make me happy.

71. Feeling sick and having someone do something nice for you.  I felt like crap a couple days ago.  Sneezing every few minutes, rolling through a box of Kleenex, being hot and cold at the same time.  That’s when my mom came in brining water, Tylenol and a thin blanket.  (Sometimes there are benefits to still living at home)  Feeling like crap and having someone do something nice for you, makes me happy.

72. Organizing.  A list of my email addresses, all in different color, all of my substitute teacher numbers listed out with important phone numbers, a color coded calendar, post-its with reminders: these are all things on my bulletin board. Books sorted by author, lists of the books I own, movies that are alphabetized, a file box of teaching lessons/ideas sorted by subject.  A closet of clothes sorted by sleeve length.  Organizing my things makes me happy.

73. Having a comeback.  Sometimes conversations are quick and you just don’t have that comeback.  You know that if you had a few minutes to think about it you would have a really witty retort.  But for the moment you sit there.  Or maybe its someone you know who usually isn’t the fastest with a comeback and then all of the sudden, with perfect timing, they deliver it.  Those times when I, or someone I know, is quick with a great quip makes me happy.

74. Free things.  I was at the state fair last week and there were more free samples than I remember there being in years past.  Free iced tea samples, apple sauce, juice samples… even a free book!  Free things make me happy.

75. Newborns.  My cousin had her third child this past weekend.  On Sunday I got to go meet the newest addition to her family in the hospital.  Holding that sweet little baby, being reminded about how fast time goes, how precious life is was such a treat.  Those little fingers and toes, the cooing and twisting in your arms. Imagining the person that this little one will become is so much fun.  Newborns make me happy, especially when they are family.

76. Karma.  Karma can be great.  Karma can also be horrible.  There are times when that thing we did comes back to bite us in the butt.  Then there are times when that good deed comes back to you in full.  Karma is a reminder that what goes around often comes around.  Usually, karma makes me happy.

77. People who get you.  I am often reserved, quiet and more serious when you first meet me.  I am not a touchy-feely person.  I hide insecurities.  But when I get to know you I can be goofy, funny, more open.  When you find people who ‘get you,’ who need no explanation for your actions, you need to keep them in your life.  Because they are rare.  People who get me, make me happy.

78. Surprising someone.  It’s not expected.  You bake something, make something, do something that is unexpected.  The recipient of your good deed had no idea you were doing it.  Or maybe they had an inkling but the timing surprised them.  Surprising people makes me happy.

79. Calming someone’s worries.  I know what its like to be stressed.  To worry about something so completely.  When I have the opportunity to talk someone through a moment like that, to help calm their anxiety, I know how helpful that can be.  When I can help calm someone’s worries, that makes me happy.

80. Satisfying a craving.  Maybe you love Chinese food, maybe its coffee ice cream with chocolate chips on top.  Maybe you really want that breakfast burrito from Sonic or that Caramel Cooler from Caribou Coffee.  Whatever it is, when you are craving a food or drink and you decide to give in, that moment makes me happy.

81. Getting back into the classroom.  After summer vacation is through, as a teacher, I love fall.  The excitement surrounding a new grade, new school and new friends that radiate from students along with their anxiety.  As a teacher I enjoy going back to school, even if at the moment I am working as a substitute teacher not a full time teacher.  Getting back into the classroom makes me happy.

82. Fall.  There is a crisp bite to the air.  The leaves begin to turn colors and fall to the ground.  Walking along the street hearing leaves crackle and crunch underfoot.  Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bars, turkeys at Thanksgiving dinner, cranberry salad with nuts.  Holidays, darker nights and brighter mornings, less bugs.  Fall makes me happy.

83. Learning new things.  Whether it’s from reading a newspaper or a book, watching a movie or documentary, listening to a lecture or having a conversation there are always things I didn’t know.  I am not a walking encyclopedia (though students often assume their teachers are).  But learning new things, interesting things, funny things, surprising things are always useful as a teacher.  Learning new things makes me happy.

84. Finding what’s lost.  Car keys, favorite sweater, cord for your camera… it stinks when you lose something and can’t find it.  And doesn’t it always seem that as soon as you stop looking you find it?  Those moments, when I find what I lost makes me happy.

85. Finding a new author or writer.  Maybe it’s a new blog you have stumbled across.  The author of a book recommended to you.  The author of a book that you picked up randomly off a shelf.  Once you read it you connect with the story, the writing style a character… whatever it is you decide you want more.  Finding a new author or writer makes me happy.

86. Wednesday night dinners at church.  When I left my church for awhile one thing I didn’t count on enjoying so much coming back were Wednesday night dinners.  The church has a chef that comes in and makes (typically) delicious meals.  You grab a plate and a drink and head into the social hall to find a seat at one of the many round tables.  It’s a time of community, catching up with family friends over a great meal.  Wednesday night dinners at church make me happy.

87. Brevity.  It often makes me happy.

88. New words.  Antidisestablishmentarianism.  Plethora.  Abibliophobia.  Rube.  Finding fun new words makes me happy.    

89. Writing something legibly.  I do not have the best handwriting.  But sometimes when I am careful I can write a note, or make a poster with really good, legible handwriting I love my handwriting.  Writing something clearly makes me happy.

90. Good deals.  I have mentioned before that sales make me happy.  But this is different.  A great school lunch for $3.  Ordering a drink and meal at a restaurant for under $12 and really liking your meal.  A super cute purse for $40.  Good deals make me happy. 

91.  Doing things for someone without being asked.  I am currently living at home, but this can apply to nearly any situation.  Work or home or out with friends.  Filing or typing something, pulling out a lesson someone can use or working one on one with a student.  Folding a basket of laundry, making dinner, cleaning the house.  Picking up the tab.  When I do something for someone else without being asked, a random act of kindness it makes me happy.

92.  Knowing the songs that are on the radio.  I took a road trip recently where we listened to the radio for almost 3 hours straight.  And as song after song came on I knew each one.  Maybe not every word, but I knew the song, and most of the words.  It was so much fun!  Knowing the songs on the radio makes me happy.

93. Kicking it old school.  You know what I mean.  It could be an artist you suddenly are in the mood to listen to or a playlist of your old favs.  A movie from when you were younger that you sit down and watch again.  Hearing about or seeing old toys like the original Polly Pockets or Pogs and reminiscing with friends.  Kicking it old school makes me happy.

94. Color.  Whether it’s highlighting in my Bible, the color coding of my calendar, the bright colors of fall leaves, the pastels of a favorite quilt, the greens and blues in a favorite picture, the purple ink in a favorite pen.  Looking around and seeing color makes me happy.

95. Small treats.  A couple pieces of candy corn, an oreo cookie, a piece of Hershey’s Bliss chocolate, a fruit strip, a handful of chocolate almonds.  Sometimes all I need is a small treat to make me happy.

96. Finding neat, old photographs.  Whether it’s an album of pictures from my childhood, or a box of photographs of my grandparents throughout their lives I love seeing moments in time captured on film.  Finding these precious old photographs, make me happy.

97. Buying new books.  Buying new books from a store or bookstore, receiving one in the mail that I am to review, getting a new book from Paperback Swap is always a highlight for me.  I get to read a new story, go someplace new, see a new movie in my head.  Buying new books makes me happy.

98. A favorite book.  Favorite songs, bands, ice cream, movies and tv shows have all received their own spot on the list.  So, seeing as though I LOVE to read, I think that favorite books should also get a spot on the list, right?  The first time you read it, you love it.  You know its going to be a favorite.  Weeks, months, years later you pull that book off the shelf again.  You get lost in the story.  You know what’s coming but you love re-reading it anyway.  Favorite books make me happy.
99. November 3rd.  If you live in America and watch tv, drive, or listen to the radio I have a feeling that November 3rd also makes you happy.  It’s the day after elections.  And in an especially important election year that day is even better.  We know who has won, the voting is closed, decisions made.  It’s the day that the continual bombardment of political ads, which are EVERYWHERE, end.  Imagine what would happen if instead of spending money on ads the candidates put it towards budget deficits, the declining housing market, EDUCATION?!  But alas that won’t happen.  So, November 3rd makes me happy.

100. Being happy.  Have you ever caught yourself in a good mood, thought “man I am having a good day,” or “I am so happy right now”?  When I catch myself in those moods I get happier.  If that’s possible.  Being happy makes me happy.

101. Finishing what you start.


  1. hmm.. what about when you're shopping for nothing inparticular.. and you run into a gift that is PERFECT for a friend or family member! And there is no holiday or birthday coming up, but you get it anyway because you know they'll love it.

  2. Awesome! I always feel super excited when that happens. Like that gift was put there just for me to find :)

  3. I'm totally stealing this, FYI.


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