Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Prison Experience

Crazy title, right? Don't worry. I don't have experience in an actual prison. But many times I find myself in a metaphorical prison. I have a "Women's Devotional Bible" which I really enjoy reading. One of the devotions was entitled "A Prison Experience". The first time I read it was just over a year ago. But it is still so relevant today.

The devotional discusses the story of Joseph. You may be familiar with his story and his many colored cloak a la Donny Osmond perhaps :)

Here is a part of the devotional:
"Joseph attains a place of prominence in Egypt by a difficult road of loneliness and injustice... his imprisonment was a training period for God's future plan for him."

"Today you may be in a prison. Perhaps you are misunderstood by family. Or you may be far away from home, and lonely. Whatever your prison experience, humanly speaking, there may be no way out, no immediate solution. What is your reaction? Are you rebellious? Are you questioning God? God knows the lessons we need to learn, lessons of patience, submission and self-denial. Our faith may need strengthening. We may be so concerned that God remove us from prison that we miss the lessons he has for us in prison. Our prison term may seem long, but the God who was with Joseph when he was taken into Egypt, and the God who was with him when he was put in prison, is the God who is with us today."

Wow! Joseph has always been my favorite bible story but I never before made the connections that this devotion points out. How often have I been in a "prison" and wondered why? Growing up with a brother who has autism, HS drama, my brother getting a life threatening infection, the hurtful actions of a close friend, nannying for a young mother with a brain tumor in her final months...

So now I look back and ask myself: What lessons did I learn? God was with me, he knew what he was doing... even though I may not see it, he has a plan. And in time. In His time. I will learn the plan.

Remember the Sunset,

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