Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Step Behind the Plate...

Let me start by saying that I am not the biggest sports fan. People laugh when I tell them I can sit and watch Golf and be more entertained, and enjoy it more than if I were to watch hockey, soccer, or basketball. I just don't always understand the excitement in certain sports. Let's run up and down a court a shoot a ball into a tiny hole. Let's run up and down a field and kick a ball into a big net. Let's run up and down a field, tackle each other, throw a strange shaped ball, run it into an endzone or kick a field goal for points. What the hell is up with all the running?

But baseball. That is one that I can tolerate more than most. Why? Because it's the all-American sport? No. Because I understand the rules better? No. Because I like the fact that teams cultivate great players only to typically have them traded to the Yankees or Red Sox? Absolutely not. Because there are a lot of good looking baseball players? Well that doesn't hurt. Because your hometown team is full of seemingly down-to-earth guys that seem to genuinely enjoy the game? Well yes.

Today though, today I am totally excited. If I were a shouter I would run down the halls shouting "Woo Hoo"! But students and staff might look at me funny and I would no longer be called to sub. I am a Minnesotan. And our hometown boy, Joe Mauer has signed an 8 year, $184 million dollar contract extension. This now keeps him with the Twins organization for 9 more seasons. He also is only the 2nd Twin in the club's history to get a Full non-trade clause. SaWeet!

Last night, watching the news coverage no joke this is the conversation that took place:
Crazy Mom: "He's cute. You can marry him. I could whore you out. We need to slut you up a bit. But you could marry him."
Quiet Dad: "What!?"
Me: "Well thanks mom. Glad to know you are willing to make me a whore."
CM: "No. Whore you out. Slut you up."
QD: "No we will not."
Me: "Thanks for your permission mom. Because, you know. Joe and I have been secretly dating. We just weren't telling anyone. He really wanted to marry me, but having me whored out, slutting me up, and getting my mom's permission were all standing in the way. I am so glad that we have gotten this cleared up. I will go give him a call."
Ten Minutes Later... after both parents have made jokes
Me: "I can't believe you would whore me out. I am telling Grandma."
QD: "She would just tell you to shut up."

So anyway. That's my crazy mom for you. The Twins have a new stadium which makes this season of baseball here all the more exciting. I cannot wait to sit at Target Field in the sunshine watching Mauer, Morneau, Cuddyer, Kubel and Young play. It's going to be awesome.

Eventually I will get around to posting about the things I had planned, but since this was new and exciting news it had to get in. I mean. It's Joe Mauer. He's right up there with Jesus here in Minnesota :)


  1. Who IS this Joe person? This is the second blog on my roll that he's cropped up on and this Twins business...! It's most puzzling!

  2. He is the catcher for the Minnesota Twins baseball team here in the states. He is really young and grew up blocks from where he now plays professional baseball. :)

  3. I like some sports better than others, too. I could be up all night watching a close cricket match in progress on the other side of the world (and actually have, on occasion :)).

  4. I have never seen a cricket game. I don't really even know what cricket is! Is it like any other sport?


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