Monday, April 12, 2010


After my last, semi-serious, post I think it's time for me to once again add to my happy.  As always you can check out my full list of things that make me happy or just check out the new ones :)

22. Ice Cold Beer.  I have a confession.  I am a beer girl.  I love me some Golden Light, Select 55 or MGD 60, Shock Top or Blue Moon.  Cracking open a cold beer after a long day or to be the perfect drink to go with my hot pizza.  Drinking ice cold beer makes me happy.

23. Sunshine.  Does this really need an explanation? :)  Today I am sitting outside, in the sunshine as I write. (To make it better I am drinking an ice cold beer as I write)  Sitting in the sunshine, seeing the sunshine, just sunshine, makes me happy.

24. Random Text Messages.  It's been a long day and you're tired.  Then your phone beeps.  Its a random message.  It might be a 'hey what are you up to.'  Or a 'hope you're having a good day.'  Maybe its a holiday and you are getting holiday wishes.  But regardless, you weren't expecting the message.  Admit it.  You smile when you get it.  Getting and sending random text messages makes me happy.

25. Good News.  Good news is always good.  Well there are exceptions but generally... Good news makes me happy.

26. Watching something with my whole family.  It's rare that my parents, sibling and I all sit together to watch a tv show or a movie.  But when we do (and no one talks ) it's great.  It's nice to just be able to spend time in the same room together.  With crazy schedules, and necessary 'alone time' sometimes its hard just to grab an hour together.  But watching something with my whole family makes me happy.

27. My sibling's excited laugh/strange sound.  My sibling makes this funny laugh/'ooo' sound when he is excited or thinks something is super funny.  And every time I hear it I laugh.  My siblings excited laugh makes me happy.

28. Learning about my heritage. I think that my families heritage has an amazing story.  I find it more and more interesting the more I learn or hear.  Being a history lover doesn't hurt.  Learning about my heritage makes me happy.

29. Getting pictures of Mr. Man.  No it's not a significant other.  It's my nephew.  Well, really not, he's my cousin's son.  But she and her hubby are only children so I get to be an honorary aunt.  Mr. Man and his family live on a completely different side of the country, so I don't see him.In fact, I have only met him once.  But I send gifts and I get pictures.  Getting pictures of Mr. Man makes me happy.

30. Memories involving family.  I am getting pretty specific with this one.  Because memories of family are completely different than memories of other things.  I don't have the greatest memory which makes the things I do remember all the more special.  Memories involving family make me happy.

31. The first night in fresh, clean sheets.  Love it!  Hard to explain why.  Sleeping that first night in clean sheets makes me happy.

32. Long showers.  The kind of shower where you have nowhere to be and can take as much time as you want to just stand in the shower.  You don't have to worry about getting to work, or getting out of the bathroom for the next person.  Long showers make me happy.  

That's what makes me happy!

Take a minute and think about what makes you happy?


  1. I *completely* get the last two in your list. Clean, sweet-smelling sheets make me sleep better - in fact, I think I fall asleep with a silly grin on my face. And long showers with nobody/nothing waiting on you? Say no more! :)

  2. Long showers. Oh my God, delicious.

    There is almost nothing better than a long, piping hot shower. It is complete and utter bliss!

  3. Nothing better than an ice cold beer in the sunshine!


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