Sunday, April 18, 2010

We're All Searching for Something

Yes indeed.  We are all searching for something.  That perfect companion.  A job.  A place to call home.  Searching for who we are.  Who we want to be.  Searching for the light in the dark.  The joy in the sadness.  The right in the wrong.  Hope.  Love.  Faith.  We are all searching.

Enjoy these Happily Ever After inspired quotes that will pair with an upcoming blog post.

Nora Roberts in Vision in White writes: 
"Maybe happy ever after was bull, but she knew she wanted to take more pictures of the moments that were happy.  Because then they were ever after." 

Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy said: 
"You know how when you were a little kid and you believed in fairy tales, that fantasy of what your life would be, white dress, prince charming who would carry you away to a castle on a hill. You would lie in bed at night and close your eyes and you had complete and utter faith. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Prince Charming, they were so close you could taste them, but eventually you grow up, one day you open your eyes and the fairy tale disappears. Most people turn to the things and people they can trust. But the thing is its hard to let go of that fairy tale entirely cause almost everyone has that smallest bit of hope, of faith, that one day they will open their eyes and it will come true."

Nola Devlin in Lying to Be Perfect said:

We are all Cinderella.  No matter what our size.  Within each one of us there is a unique beauty and grace.  Finding that beauty however isn’t easy.  See Cinderella had to first recognize that her problem wasn’t her evil step mother.  Her problem was that it was easier to hide out cleaning the house that it was to go out and find happiness.


  1. I'm so inspired by the last Cinderella talked to me.
    Lovely week!

  2. Aw... That's exactly the reason I take photos. Because years from now I want to be able to look back and say 'I was happy right in that moment'.

  3. It's true. Happiness takes work sometimes!


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