Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm Amazed

I am amazed.  I have said before I started blogging not really knowing what I was getting into.  What in the world would I blog about each week?  Would I have enough to say?  Would anyone care?  

I decided to blog semi-anonymously.  I wasn't sure what friends and family would think about what I say so I figured it was better to not tell them.  I have one friend who knows that I blog and I don't think B reads this.  If she does, "Hey B!"  

Why am I saying this?  Because I'm amazed that 14 strangers have decided to follow my blog.  Perhaps there are others who read this regularly and just aren't followers (please follow me, just kidding.  Sort of.)  I have thanked my readers before, but I want to do it again!  THANK YOU!  

For someone who thought she would not have enough to say, to blog about, I have to laugh.  I have a list of twenty-five or so topics that I want to write about.  So keep coming back, please :)  There is more to come.  And if you ever have an idea I would love to hear it.  If you like what you read spread the word.  I think that in the blogging world its important to share the blogs we enjoy with other people.  I have discovered lots of great blogs through and through other blogs.  Please check out some blog suggestions on the right hand column to see some of the blogs I enjoy reading each week.

I love flair, and so I made a badge for this page (so if you feel like it grab a badge).  If you have a blog button/badge please let me know so I can add it to my page of flair!

Coming soon is more from my Happy List, and talk about friends, family, being thankful, and things that are on my mind.

Have a wonderful afternoon!


  1. I don't know if I'm following you, but you're on my blogroll (aka the Hall of FAME, yeah, you know it!)... Ahem. Anyway. I'll follow you now!

  2. Heather, I stumbled upon your blog through another blog through another blog ... you know, the rabbit hole of blogs. But every time I stop by, I leave with a warm feeling. I think that's a real good thing in this move-on-before-you-feel-anything busy world! I'll definitely stay tuned for your future 25 or so topics!

    P.S: I know *exactly* what you meant by being scared about the possibility of not finding enough things to blog about at the beginning, but now having to ration the overflow! :)

  3. Magpie- Well thanks for adding me to your blog roll. It's appreciated.

    Hema- I totally get the rabbit hole of the blog world. But isn't it a fun way to find new blogs? Thank you for the kind words!


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