Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh Happy Day

After enduring a few emotionally challenging days is there anything better than taking a minute to appreciate the little things in life?  As I continue on my journey to complete my 101 in 1001 I am continually amazed at how happy I am working on my list of 101 Things That Make Me Happy list.  As I continue on this crazy journey of life, and you, yes you, continue to read right along with me may you always remember that there is something in every dreary day that can make you happy.

It might be seeing a little kid outside playing.  It might be hearing an old favorite on the radio.  Maybe you are taking a nap and you flip to the cool side of the pillow.  Maybe the sun comes out from behind a cloud.  It's the little things that can often make us happy.  But its the details, running around, little things that we think we have to do that often make us take life a little too seriously.  We need to remember that the sunset waits for no oneNot even you.

So what makes you happy?  What little things bring a smile to your face?  A ray of sunshine to a busy, hectic day?  Here are the recent additions to My Happy List:
41. Sun showers.  You look outside and seen the shining rays of the warm sun.  Then all of the sudden you hear it.  You hear it before you see it.  The gentle pit pat of the rain drops as they hit the ground.  Knowing that the sun can still shine through the rain makes me happy.
42. The progression of a rain.  It starts with a single rain drop.  The a few more.  It's a small shower, then it begins to build.  You know there is more to come from the overcast clouds and the smell that has lingered in the air.  The sprinkle turns to a shower.  The shower to a storm that slowly builds.  Hearing the progression of rain as it builds makes me happy.
43. S'mores around a fire.  Stories are shared, laughs are had.  But making s'mores around a fire makes me happy.
44. The perfect marshmallow.  You put the gooey marshmallow on the stick.  You hold it a certain distance from a hot coal of wood near the edge of the fire.  You wait.  Gently rotating the marshmallow 360 degrees.  You know that if you wait patiently golden brown perfection awaits.  Making the perfect marshmallow, and eating it, makes me happy. 
45. Watching a fire burn in a pit.  There is something intensely calming about watching a fire in a fireplace or fire pit burn.  It starts as a small flame that moves to consume all the wood that it can.  But you know you are safe because it is confined.  The glow of the embers, the warmth of the flames, the crackle of the wood all pull you in.  You can get lost in simply staring at the flames.  Thinking back on your day or completely clearing your mind.  Sitting next to a fireplace or pit and watching it burn makes me happy. 
46. Making the first driving tracks down a snowy street.  You wake up in the middle of winter and look outside.  There are a few inches of freshly fallen snow.  Yes, this means you have to bundle yourself up until you feel like an eskimo to trudge out to your car to clear it off.  You have to start up the engine and let it run for a few minutes so that when you are ready to leave you at least can enjoy the warmth of the car on your way to your destination.  But when you back out of that driveway, or pull away from the curb and you are the first car to make tracks in the snow.  There is something awesome in that.  Like you are making your mark.  Making those first tracks down a snowy street makes me happy. 
47. Freshly mowed grass.  For some reason I really like the smell of freshly mowed grass.  I like to look at the pattern that the lawn mower has made as it tames the grass.  Spring and summer are here and you know it because the smell is in the air.  So for some odd reason, freshly mowed grass makes me happy.
48. Friends.  We have lots of different types of relationships when it comes to friends.  The funny one that we can count on for a laugh.  The serious one who we go to for deep conversation.  The fun one that makes every situation fun.  The reliable one who you can always count on.  The listener, the encourager, the quick chat, the older friend, the younger friend, the opposite sex friend.  There are many different kinds.  Sometimes on person fills multiple roles.  Sometimes relationships are strained and you might not speak, other times you talk every day.  But friends, new and old, make me happy.
49. Knowing what someone is talking about.  Perfect example.  Last night I was driving with a couple people and Person A was describing to Person B a commercial about a guy driving a minivan and being made fun of.  Point is I knew exactly what commercial Person A was referring to.  Maybe someone is talking about a song, tv show, philosopher, historical figure, crayola color.  You know what they mean when they are describing something to another person or group.  You feel smart, educated, 'in the know.'  Knowing what someone is talking about makes me happy.
50. Being home alone.  While sometimes we all enjoy company and talking.  There are times when the hum of the refrigerator, the birds outside the window, the occasional creaks of the house are all the company you need.  Well those and perhaps a book or movie.  Sometimes we just need to unwind.  In those moments, of chosen seclusion we can recharge.  Being home alone so I can recharge makes me happy.


  1. I love your list. We share 42,47 45, 48...
    I will take time and write my own list, this is such an inspiration,finding meaning in little things

  2. After emotionally draining days, even a minute or so of happy can be so therapeutic.

  3. Numbers 41, 48, and 50 are some of my personal favourites!

  4. Yay! I am so glad that others are finding things in these lists that they can relate to! If there are ever any things that make you happy that aren't on the list please share, I would love to hear them.

  5. I have never had a S'more. Apparently, according to all leading experts (Americans), this is a punishable offense. Unfortunately, since they do not, in fact, sell graham crackers over here, this does not have a remedy until I row myself over thaddaway (I'm broke, so flying is out of the question) and make myself one the minute I land on the shore of the New World.

    I'm looking forward to it!

  6. Magpie, you are totally missing out! But I suppose there are things overseas that we do not have here that is common for you. If you ever make it over here you should try not only a traditional s'more, but try one with strawberry marshmallows. Delicious!


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