Friday, May 28, 2010

The Scars We Choose

"We all live with the scars we choose.  They might hurt like hell, but they all make us stronger."

We are who we are because of where we have been.  Are all things good in our lives?  Probably not.  But are they all bad?  Heck no!  And if you think that they you definitely need to go outside and enjoy some sunshine tomorrow :)

When I was younger I was lucky enough to have a grandmother who lived across the street from me.  Sometimes, when things at home got tough I would dash across the street, ring the doorbell and wait for grandma to let me in.  We would talk and I would often shed a tear while she listened to what was upsetting me.  She always said to me that what was happening to me right then might seem hard, even impossible.  But there was always a reason.  Someday I would need my experiences from today to help me tomorrow.

The thing that I am getting at, that I have learned this past week is that we have choices to make.  The scars we carry are of our own choosing.  I carry some big scars.  Scars from high school, scars from friendships, scars from events in my family's life.  I carry some more recent scars that were almost healed and then cut open again.  But I have decided that the band-aid I put over these latest scars was not enough.  I need to let them heal, so that they may begin to fade.  I don't think I want them to completely go away, I may forget an important lesson that someday I will need.  But its time.

So I have peeled off the band-aid, applied some medicine to the cut and am hoping it heals.  It will take time.  And if may be awhile before the scar goes from bright pink to a dull skin tone.  But it will get there.  This, is a big step for me.  I partially have to credit this blog for reminding me, especially in this situation, that a band-aid is a quick fix.  Not a long term solution.  That I need to let go.  Because this trial is not the end all, be all.  It is a bump in a very long road.  Because there are so many things in life that I might miss out on.  Like the sunset.

"We all live with the scars we choose.  They may hurt like hell.  But they all make us stronger."


  1. I've come to realize that blogging is the best medicine for almost all my old scars... It's amazing how the hobbies we stumble upon can turn out to be exactly what we need! :) Good luck healing those scars lady...

  2. ...and with time you heal. I love that quote.

  3. A very insightful post, Heather! I love the way you used metaphors to explain what you wanted to convey. And I'm not sure time helps heal wounds completely (especially deep ones) -- it just dulls the immediate throb and pain, only to replace it with a constant ache. And it's very true that when you're in the midst of a catastrophic event/incident, it may feel like you cannot go on, but once you overcome it, you definitely are stronger for having gone through it.

  4. SIF: I agree, its pretty great when hobbies you stumble upon turn out to be something we never knew we needed. I hope your blogging continues to help you like it has helped me.

    Tricia: Its a great one, and its so true. Which makes it even better.

    Hema: Why thank you, that is so kind. I totally agree about the not healing completely. The constant ache is a good way to describe what is often leftover.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments ladies, it is greatly appreciated :)

  5. Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Bloggy friends are amazing.

    And bless you for having the strength to expose your wounds so that they may heal. It's not easy, but it allows us to move forward. Stay strong, hun!


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