Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm A Guest Blogger!

Exciting news!  Today I am a guest blogger at Blossoming Brilliance.  It's writer Jessie May is a life coach who owns and operates Blossoming Brilliance Life Coaching.  She hosts a weekly women's blog circle where women in their 20s and 30s are able to read about other women who are going through similar challenges and successes in life.  I am excited that I have an opportunity to write for her circle.  
The post is titled "Learning on a Roller Coaster" and answers the question, What are you learning about yourself as you go through this quarterlife journey?  So, please check out the blog post and then let me know what you think!  (The picture isn't me, just a heads up) Have a wonderful Friday afternoon.


  1. Loved your post at Blossoming Brilliance! Left the following comment there:

    A very powerful post, Heather, with some great questions thrown at us. As long as we can remember (which is not always as easy as saying it) that we are all part of a bigger plan, life wouldn't seem impassable. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy little and big things in life!

  2. I just checked out your post at BB. It was great! I know so many of us 20 somethings can relate.

  3. Just came across your blog from Blossoming Brilliance. You write beautiful, thought provoking posts. There arent many young people around these days who are thinking on this level and who are willing to share their thoughts with the world. Iam so glad I came across your blog. I love it.


  4. Connie- I am so glad you found your way to this corner of the blogosphere. And thank you for your kind words.

    Holly- Thank you for taking the time to check out the post!

    Hema- We indeed all part of a bigger plan.

  5. I gave you an award! Stop by my blog to read about it! :-)

    (and I'll stop over and read your guest post ASAP)

  6. I thought your post was wonderful, and you have such a great attitude - very much looking forward to reading more of your blog!


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