Monday, July 12, 2010

Take That Chance And Trust

Sometimes it's necessary.  It might be a little scary.  Your palms begin to sweat, your heart skips a beat.  And for one moment you think you shouldn't do it.  But when you do, when you take that chance, it can be worth it.

I'm slow to trust.  I'm quick to love.  I do not like to see people I care about in pain.  Sometimes when I'm upset about something it just slips out.  But not all of it.  Sometimes though it's important to do it.  To take that leap.  To trust that your friend, confidant, whoever, will understand.  That instead of turning their head they will look you in the eye.  Instead of running, they stay.

Trusting that person with whatever your feeling is tough.  While I can sit here and say telling someone about it, sharing that burden or feeling makes it better, it doesn't mean I always do it.  But I've noticed over the last couple days that people can surprise you.  I got a random text message from a cousin on a day when I really needed it.  I had coffee with a friend who told me whenever I need to talk, she is there.

Just like that.  So take that jump.  Make that move.  Try.  Try to trust.

Remember the sunset.  Live life the best you can.  Love as much as you can.  And when you feel like you are sinking, or stuck, or just not whole... remember there is always a sunrise.  There is always another day, another sunset.  


  1. Have you ever heard "Standing Outside the Fire" by Garth Brooks? It is one of my all time favorite songs, and I think you would really like its message... and you might even like the song if you like country at all :)

  2. Heather, that is a FANTASTIC song! My younger brother has Autism and that is one of the only songs he knows :) But I haven't thought about it's message in a long time or really sat and listened to the lyrics. Which is what I am now doing while enjoying a cup of coffee. Thanks!

  3. I love the inspiration, Now going to look for the song :)

  4. I love it when just the right person calls or texts or even emails, right out of the blue. :-)

    It's almost as if we send out silent distress signals.

  5. Margaret, I think you may be right, a silent distress signal is a good way to describe it. Welcome to The Sunset Won't!


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