Monday, August 23, 2010

Anticipate the Best

On a previous post here at The Sunset Won't Amy, from Marginalia by Amy, posted the following comment:

Why are we always afraid of the worst instead of anticipating the best?

I thought, what a fantastic question!  Whether you are not feeling well and jump to the worst possible conclusion (like the multiple bruises on my legs and arms mean I have leukemia), or your continued job search and lack of job mean you will NEVER find anything, or your friend canceling your plans for the third time means they no longer want to be friend, there is a situation where you are afraid of the worst.

But while you are afraid you are missing out on the anticipation of something great.  Something exciting.  Sometimes the anticipation can be one of the best parts!  So maybe you just bruise more easily than most.  Maybe the perfect job is right around the corner.  Maybe your friend has a lot on their plate and they know that because you are such good friends you are the thing they can reschedule.

My continued job search is allowing me to put my time into other things which I am enjoying.  I am able to be a leader for the High School Youth Group at my church.  I was able to run a day camp for two weeks this summer.  I am able to help plan youth activities at church.  My parents are being kind enough to renovate their basement to add a bedroom and bathroom for me to use while I continue my job search (saving money is a major plus!).

There is light in every dark room.  A ray of sun through the fog.  A flower growing through a crack of a dark sidewalk.  Hope through the worries.  Faith through the doubting.  A sunrise through a dark night.  A sunset at the end of a long day.

So enjoy the day.  Look for the rays of light.  And remember little things can wait.  The sunset won't.


  1. The answer is, because delirious happiness is such a better feeling than crushing disappointment, so people feel safer being negative, if that makes sense...

    Sure, it's not a great way to live, but it's SAFE. And people are cowards, for the most part.

  2. What a great positive outlook, Heather! With that state of mind, you can't help but have good things happen to you. Good luck!!

  3. Well first of all, I'm honored that you felt inspired by my question.

    And second of all, I loved reading your response. Thinking about what you wrote, it almost seems like the "worst" isn't even possible, because good can come out of even in less-than-ideal situations.

    And I agree with Harley that it is safer to live life by setting ourselves up for disappointment. I think I want to learn to be less safe and more risky, because even if a risk doesn't pan out, something good can come of it.


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