Tuesday, September 14, 2010

These Are My Confessions

My friend B is student teaching and we were creating a "Top Ten List" for her to use the first day of school as a way to introduce her to her students.  We started laughing about things that would surprise them... like she tivo'ed the Camp Rock 2 premiere because of her love of song and dance.  This got the two of us on a whole new conversation track as we started to share different things about ourselves.  It felt like we were having a series of confessions which got me thinking about the Usher song...

So these are some of my confessions; good and bad, surprising and expected, deep and shallow:

I did not like Real Housewives of Orange County at all, but I have found that I really like the Real Housewives of DC, I tivo it if I am not going to be around.  When I'm babysitting, I don't mind if the kids want to watch the Disney channel because I think Wizards of Waverly Place is a cute show.

Growing up I loved boy bands; Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, 98 Degrees, LFO... but my favorite of all was O-town.  I went to a Britney Spears concert just to see them, I left after she sang 2 songs.  On my iTunes I have at least 80 songs by boys bands I used to love.

I am a doubter.  I doubt myself.  My relationships with friends.  My faith.  I put on a tough, but shiny, shell to cover up these doubts.

Being organized makes me feel like I am in control.  There are so many things in this world that we cannot control, having one thing in my power makes me feel better.

I have gone through the fall tv lineups and figured out which shows I want to watch.  I have made a chart showing the day and times they are on.  In my head I have figured out which ones will be watched and which will be recorded.  Yes, I know, I watch way too much tv.

There are many things I would change in my life if I had the chance, and some that I would want to have happen the exact same way even though they may not always have been the best thing.

I used to think I was a wine girl, but now I prefer beer or margaritas.

Sometimes I may seem like I am in control, but on the inside I am a whirl of emotions.

I LOVE blogging.  There is a great community feel to the blogging world and especially through 20sb.  I have "met" some amazing people from around the world and have built an interesting network of blogging friends.

I also love Hallmark Movies and many Lifetime movies.

I shed tears at tv shows, movies, songs.  But when things are deeply saddening or hurtful I laugh.

While I sit here and blog about remember the sunset, living life the best you can, and loving the most you can, that can sometimes be really hard for me.  But I'm trying.

If you were sharing confessions what would some of them be?  Would they surprise people?  Make people laugh?  Would they be deep confessions?  Shallow confessions?  Is there someone you can share them with?


  1. Haha I totally watch too much TV too! What are you watching this fall??? I am into Gossip girl, OTH, Greys, Private Practice, Brothers & Sisters, Entourage (even though it just ended...), Glee, the Office and How I Met Your Mother.

    ....and I totally have every Nsync and BSB album on my ipod at all times. They always cheer me up. Especially when I realize how many lyrics I have committed to memory :)

    Great post!

  2. I love Hallmark and Lifetime movies, too! (At least I used to -- now I'm so much into Korean tv - which is very clean, which is good with growing kids in the house - I don't watch many American shows anymore; used to love and follow diligently 'Numbers' on CBS, though...)

    As for confessions? Hmm... I don't know... I love blogging (and am totally with you about making amazing friends through it), but am still wary of going too personal on it :).

  3. Boy bands and Hallmark/Lifetime movies: me too!


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