Sunday, September 5, 2010

Treasure the Moments

I have had a great few days recently!

Last week my mom and I spent a day together running errands, shopping and having lunch.  No quarreling, at all.  Which for us can be a big deal.  

I went to a shop called Lillian's and got a fabulous new handbag.

I got to see Carrie Underwood in concert with my Aunt and cousins.

I spent a day at the MN State fair with my family.  (On another trip I even tried the Deep Fried Candy Bar.)

I bought a new book series from an author that I like that takes place during the Chicago fire.  (Mixing history and books, yes please!)

I got a new phone, so I hopefully won't miss calls for substitute teacher jobs.

I went to Ann Taylor to replace a pair of denim trousers that I wear when I sub and went down TWO sizes.  Two, since last fall!

The weather has been phenomenal the last few days here in Minnesota.  Cool, breezy, sunny... fantastic!

I got to meet my cousins new baby at the hospital.  (I have to admit I hogged the 'holding baby' time)

The high school youth group retreat I helped lead/plan went really well.

I was asked to be a personal mentor to an 8th grade confirmation student.

Little things?  Yes.  Some of them trivial?  Absolutely.  But its the little moments, those little beads of time that when strung together create a beautiful strand.  A beautiful life.  So often I rush around and forget that its these EXACT moments that I am living my life for.  

Have you had any amazing moments in your life lately?  Moments you wish you could bottle up? 


  1. Wow, that sounds like a great past few days! :) I'd love to see Carrie Underwood.

  2. It's definitely the little things that can make you feel good. I would have loved to see Carrie Underwood!

  3. AGH! I wanted to see Carrie Underwood in the worst way, but her tickets were sold out by the time I realized she was going to be at the state fair.

    Glad you've been having great days in beautiful weather :)

  4. Well done on everything, that sounds great! You're right, it is the little moments. I should probably try to remember that instead of letting a thundercloud settle over my head because of the diluvial rain we've been having..

  5. Carrie was pretty great. My favorite part was when she was singing "Jesus Take the Wheel" and at one point the melody starts to sound like "How Great Thou Art" and she started singing that... it was great.

    Harley- love "diluvial". I am big on great words so that I can pass them along to my students.


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