Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TV On, Brain Off

I love the fall.  When I get home in the afternoons sometimes I just need to turn off my brain.  And TV is a wonderful solution to that need.  I have mentioned previously how I am over-organized about somethings.  I color code.  Organize.  Alphabetize.  Sort.

For example this is the chart I have so I can keep track of new shows I want to check out and old favorites I don't want to miss.  Some have already been cut out.  Some I DVR and skip through parts.  Some I watch every second of.  Some I delete immediately.

But this week is the big one.  Most of the shows premiere this week providing a good distraction in the evenings from the rush.

I love fall and more will come on that soon.  I have been busy, again, the last few days.  This always seems to be a busy time of year.

On another note as I work to get my lazy behind into substitute teaching mode and get the hang of my schedule in and out of school I will not be posting quite as often.  Wordy Wednesday will be here.  And I hope to post at least 2 other times a week.  I hope you will hang in there and check in.

As your schedule gets busier and changes, if you are a blogger I encourage you to take a moment and be thankful for the wonderful people who take time out of their crazy days to spend some time in your corner of the world.  I appreciate each one of my readers.  I may not know all of your names, but I know you are here.  And I thank you.

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