Monday, November 29, 2010

Give to Get

As part of my 101 in 1001 list I made a list of personal commandments.  As part of my working on remembering my list I thought I would continue to share my commandments and why they are on my list.  Be Heather, my first commandment is a great commandment that can be easily adapted for anyone.  My second, Dance With God. Let Him Lead. is one that I continually have to remind myself of.  My third, Let Go of Perfect,  is one that I think many people can relate to.

Today I'm sharing my fourth personal commandment: No Deposit, No Return.

Effort.  Life takes effort.  Sometimes we want to give up.  We just don't care.  But it's at those moments when our account depletes, the cup empties.  If you don't put anything in, you will never get anything out.

It takes one dollar to get two dollars.  It takes a half a glass to get a full one.  It takes two people in a relationship.  It takes work to succeed.  It takes time to grow.  You need to give a little, and you could get a lot.  So this commandment's reasoning is short and sweet.  If I don't put anything in, I won't get anything back.  Everything has value, everything is important.  But sometimes I need the reminder that I need to work, to put a little effort into my life.  Into all aspects of it.  Relationships, work, happiness, faith.

No Deposit, No Return.

Remember to live life the best you can, love the most you can.  Moments are precious, many things can wait, The Sunset Won't.  

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