Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Days Are Here Again

As I continue on my journey to complete my 101 in 1001 I am continually amazed at how happy I am working on my list of 101 Things That Make Me Happy list.  

And this is the last portion of my list!  Thanks to those of you who have been there every step of the way.  Hopefully by reading the list you have been reminded of some of the everyday things that can bring a little piece of happiness to your day.

Through our crazy schedules it's sometimes hard to find the things that make us happy because we assume they have to be big things.  But the little things are just as important as the big ones.  Remember to live life the best you can, love the most you can.  Moments are precious, many things can wait, The Sunset Won't.

Here is the conclusion of My Happy List:

91.  Doing things for someone without being asked.  I am currently living at home, but this can apply to nearly any situation.  Work or home or out with friends.  Filing or typing something, pulling out a lesson someone can use or working one on one with a student.  Folding a basket of laundry, making dinner, cleaning the house.  Picking up the tab.  When I do something for someone else without being asked, a random act of kindness it makes me happy.

92.  Knowing the songs that are on the radio.  I took a road trip recently where we listened to the radio for almost 3 hours straight.  And as song after song came on I knew each one.  Maybe not every word, but I knew the song, and most of the words.  It was so much fun!  Knowing the songs on the radio makes me happy.

93. Kicking it old school.  You know what I mean.  It could be an artist you suddenly are in the mood to listen to or a playlist of your old favs.  A movie from when you were younger that you sit down and watch again.  Hearing about or seeing old toys like the original Polly Pockets or Pogs and reminiscing with friends.  Kicking it old school makes me happy.

94. Color.  Whether it’s highlighting in my Bible, the color coding of my calendar, the bright colors of fall leaves, the pastels of a favorite quilt, the greens and blues in a favorite picture, the purple ink in a favorite pen.  Looking around and seeing color makes me happy.

95. Small treats.  A couple pieces of candy corn, an oreo cookie, a piece of Hershey’s Bliss chocolate, a fruit strip, a handful of chocolate almonds.  Sometimes all I need is a small treat to make me happy.

96. Finding neat, old photographs.  Whether it’s an album of pictures from my childhood, or a box of photographs of my grandparents throughout their lives I love seeing moments in time captured on film.  Finding these precious old photographs, make me happy.

97. Buying new books.  Buying new books from a store or bookstore, receiving one in the mail that I am to review, getting a new book from Paperback Swap is always a highlight for me.  I get to read a new story, go someplace new, see a new movie in my head.  Buying new books makes me happy.

98. A favorite book.  Favorite songs, bands, ice cream, movies and tv shows have all received their own spot on the list.  So, seeing as though I LOVE to read, I think that favorite books should also get a spot on the list, right?  The first time you read it, you love it.  You know its going to be a favorite.  Weeks, months, years later you pull that book off the shelf again.  You get lost in the story.  You know what’s coming but you love re-reading it anyway.  Favorite books make me happy.

99. November 3rd.  If you live in America and watch tv, drive, or listen to the radio I have a feeling that November 3rd also makes you happy.  It’s the day after elections.  And in an especially important election year that day is even better.  We know who has won, the voting is closed, decisions made.  It’s the day that the continual bombardment of political ads, which are EVERYWHERE, end.  Imagine what would happen if instead of spending money on ads the candidates put it towards budget deficits, the declining housing market, EDUCATION?!  But alas that won’t happen.  So, November 3rd makes me happy.

100. Being happy.  Have you ever caught yourself in a good mood, thought “man I am having a good day,” or “I am so happy right now”?  When I catch myself in those moods I get happier.  If that’s possible.  Being happy makes me happy.

101. Finishing what you start.

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