Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Repost: I Believe I Do Believe

During this week I am on Christmas break.  While I love blogging I know that my mind is on vacation and am not sure what would come from my writing.  So I'm going green! Sort of.  Enjoy this post from May 2010:

Weeks ago I read a post by Mandy at Knowing the Difference called I Believe In.  I thought it was a great idea to blog about some of the things that I believe in.  A way to share them with myself, and with others.

I believe that there is a God who knows me, my transgressions, who forgives me and loves me anyway.  I believe that this God created me for a reason and that He has a purpose for my life and the lives of all of us.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.  Even when those things are bad and it seems that He is cruel.  Down the road I will understand the purpose behind the events in my life.  I believe that the sunrise is a wonderful thing because it is the dawn of a new day that Jesus promised to us. 

I believe that every friend in my past, my present and my future brings something to my life.  Every best friend, school friend, work friend and acquaintance adds something to my life.  I believe that I have been blessed to have my family despite our differences and struggles.  Who would I be if not for my family?  I believe that relationships of every kind are important but there is no relationship greater than the relationship with God and the relationship that I have with myself.

I believe that the reason we have rain is so that we can see the beauty in the sun.  So that the rain can nourish the earth and bring forth its beauty.  I believe that the earth is meant to be enjoyed, not destroyed.

I believe that everyone can make a difference.  Everyone has a choice to make someone laugh or cry.  To give a smile or a frown.  I believe that I am a teacher not for the money, not for the title of a teacher, but for the difference, that small difference that I can make in a student's life.

I believe that for every wrong, there is a way to make it right.  For every wrong there is a lesson.  There is a reason we make the choices that we do.  I believe that when we lose, we should never lose the lesson.  I believe we should always remember to remember.  To remember the sunset, the beauty, the love, the life.

I believe that every movie should have a happy ending.  That is why I watch the movie.  I believe that every song tells a story, shares a message even if it may not seem that way.  I believe that a good book can be the perfect ending to a tough day.

I believe that showers are meant to be long.  I believe that car stereos are meant to be played loudly, with the windows down on a sunny day.  I believe that pizza is meant to be enjoyed with an ice cold beer or soda.  I believe that ice cream is a freezer staple.  I believe that vanilla ice cream must always have a topping or two.  I believe that pizza, ice cream and a great friend can make a bad situation feel a little better.  I believe that fires are meant for s'mores.  I believe that grills are meant for a burger on a summer afternoon.

I believe we should say thank you when someone does something for us or shows us kindness.  I believe that respect for others is something that needs to be revived.  I believe that chivalry still exists even if I can't see it.  I believe that people are inherently good.  I believe that we should never deprive anyone of hope, because hope may be all they have to hang on to.

I believe that laughter is the best medicine.  I believe that we all have a something to share with others.  A gift that, big or small, makes a difference.  I believe that beliefs are never ending. 

We all believe in something.

I believe that we all need to believe in something.

I believe.

What do you believe in?

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