Monday, December 6, 2010

Take it In, Stand in Wonder.

When I started my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, one of the things that seemed most important to me was to make a list of personal commandments.  While it's easy for me to make a list, it's harder to actually remember it.  Harder still to put it into action.  As a way to help me I am reflecting about each of my commandments here, on my blog, in my little slice of the blogosphere. 

My first four commandments were to: Be Heather.  Dance With God; Let Him Lead.  Let Go of Perfect.  No Deposit, No Return.  My fifth commandment: Be in Awe!

The idea behind this blog, it's theme, it's title, are based on a book by Dee Henderson called "The Guardian."  This book is part of the O'Malley Series, the prequel to that series is called "Danger in the Shadows."  Still following?  Good.  The main character in that book LOVES flowers and explains that to someone by saying this, "I need the reminder that God loves to make detailed and beautiful things, and that act of creation itself is a sufficient reason to make them.  These flowers will live and die here, the majority of them never seen, even though a busy road is less than a mile away."

Beautiful.  No?  I need to be in awe of the wonder of God and his creation.  Of the beauty that is all around me. How often do get up early for work, get ready, make your morning commute, trudge through your day, head home, make dinner, get things done around the house, head to bed, only to do it all again the next day?

Did you see the beauty of the sunrise?  Notice the flower growing in the crack of the sidewalk?  See the uninhibited smile of the child who just passed by?  Witness the act of kindness by random strangers on the street?  Catch the intricate design of the snowflake before it hit the ground? Take in the promise of the sunset?

Well.  Did you?  Because oftentimes, I don't.  I am so busy getting from A to B that I miss it.  The whole point.  It's to live.  To love.  To experience.  To embrace.  To Be in Awe.


  1. I try - especially lately - to be aware of the imprints of God all around us. The way the sun's rays slant through a cloud, how a tiny, beautiful flower can grow out of a mess of ugly weeds.... little things that remind us God is everywhere. :)

  2. I love this post. Reading it shifted something in me - it calmed me and grounded me. It reminded me to stay in the moment, revel in the now and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me at all times

    Thank you

  3. Can I just say that I love your first commandment! We should all be so bold as to commit to just being ourselves!

  4. Jess- Love the "sun's rays slanting through a cloud," definitely a 'be in awe' moment.

    Connie- Thank you for your comment. It made me so honored to think that something I wrote could affect someone in that way. I'm so glad that you found your way here.

    SIF- Thanks! I think that my first commandment might be one of my hardest. It's hard to just be yourself. But how wonderful if we could all just be ourselves.


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