Thursday, February 17, 2011

Get Out That Shovel

Months ago I made a list of commandments.  Personal ones just for me.  Things I wanted to remember, lessons to learn, words to guide me.

I've talked about some of them before:

My 8th commandment is to Dig a Little Deeper.  If you are familiar with Disney movies, and have seen Princess and the Frog, you will recognize my inspiration.

You got to dig a little deeper
Find out who you are
You got to dig a little deeper
It really ain't that far
When you find out who you are
You'll find out what you need
Blue skies and sunshine guaranteed

For me, this commandment is all about figuring out what I really want.  What I really need.  Not what others what for me.  Or what others need from me.  Digging deep to find out what makes me Heather.  

This ones short and sweet.  Dig a little deeper.  When you think you've got it figured out, dig a little more.

Remember to live the best you can.  Love the most you can.  Tell the people that you love, you love them.  Take a break and soak up the sun.  Little things on your to-do list can wait... the sunset won't!

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