Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love, Don't Love

Today is all about things I love... and don't love.  This idea came from Christy at 25 Before 25, definitely check it out.

I visited a bookstore going out of business where everything was 95% off.  I bought 12 books for less than $8, saving over $130.  Love.

It's a beautiful day outside and I am stuck inside at work.  Don't Love.

My cousin is getting married to an amazing lady.  I'm very happy for him and that she is becoming an official part of our family.  Love.

It's wedding season.  Which for many is great.  But for single ladies who are post-college age, it means the "why aren't you dating someone," "when are you getting married" questions.  Don't Love.

Spring has sprung.  That means no more snow (which I now consider a curse word if used after April 1st), green grass, flowers, showers and storms.  Love.

It's the time of year when teaching positions for the next year are posted.  That means hope that next year I'll have my very own classroom.  Love.

It's the time of year when teaching positions for the next year are posted.  This means tons of applications, waiting to hear back, hoping to hear back from anyone.  Don't Love.

School is almost out for the year.  That means a little time off in between this job and the summer one.  Love.

School is almost over which means not being in the classroom and seeing students everyday.  Don't love.  No wait, Love.  Well, maybe both.

What do you love or don't love?

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