Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

It's Wednesday, Wednesday, gotta get down on Wednesday.  Everybody's looking forward to the weekend, weekend...  Oh Rebecca Black and you're song Friday... when will it go away?

It's Wednesday.  The middle, for many, of a busy week.  You may have already accomplished much this week, but may still have much to do.

Here, on Wednesdays I share a quote, lyric or passage that I have enjoyed.  Something short, and sweet.  So take a quick break and enjoy.  As Oprah's daily talk show is winding down I've found myself checking in on what the show is each day.  Recently she had on Chris Rock who had some pretty great things to say:

Being wealthy is not about having money, it's about having options.

Of the buffet that life is, try everything.  And if you don't like something, you don't like it because you tried it.  Not because you dismissed it.

You life can always be new.

Remember to live the best you can.  Love the most you can.  Tell the people that you love, you love them.  Take a break and soak up the sun.  
 Moments are precious, many things can wait... The Sunset Won't.

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