Friday, May 27, 2011

Challenge: To Not Be Broken, but Broken Open

Do you ever hear a statement that resonates instantly?  It's something I've written a lot about.  Reading a book, listening to a song, hearing someone talk...  And then it happens.  It rips right through you and straight to your heart.  It connects straight to your soul.  It's like peeling back a layer and revealing something you may not have known was there.

Well it happened again.  And I needed time to process.  To not be broken, but to be broken open.

There are many things in life that can drag us down.  Rocks are thrown, chipping away at our exterior.  But we are strong, so we can't let it break us.  To bring us down so that we feel like we can't get back up.

And then we feel like we are broken.  Too many pieces to put back together.  But instead, we need to work to not be broken.  But to break open.  Break open and let out the hurt.  The pain.  The disappointment.

Breaking open allows room for the light.  The contentment.  The happiness.  The hope.  The joy to come in.  To come in and work as a glue.  Picking up the few pieces that fell, and patching us up.

I'm sure there's a different explanation of that saying.  But for the moment, that's how I see it.  That's how I interpreted it.

So as I challenge myself, I challenge you... remember to not be broken... but broken open.

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