Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

It's Wednesday.  A busy day for many.  And for me, these past two weeks have been crazy.  So today I share something brief, it only takes a minute or two to read.

It is a prayer that I created a few months ago, and I continue to add to.
When you are down
may he lift you up.
When you are up
may he sustain you.
When you feel alone
may he be with you.
When you feel crowded
may he bring you solace.

May you know 
the love of his heart
the hope of his voice
the promise of his word
the certainty of his mind
the calming of his spirit
the healing of his hands
the comfort of his embrace.

Remember to live the best you can.  Love the most you can.  Tell the people that you love, you love them.  Take a break and soak up the sun.  
 Moments are precious, many things can wait... The Sunset Won't.

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  1. such a nice prayer


    Guess everyone should have their own prayer?


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