Friday, August 26, 2011

Remember, Don't Dwell

Just over a year ago I made a list of my personal commandments. When I first started the list I had no idea what direction it was going to take.  Or what I was going to use it for.  To me, these commandments are something I can look at quickly and they will nudge me into the right direction when I move off course.

Over the year I had made different posts that talked about each commandment.  Why I wrote them, what they mean.

1. Be Heather.
2. Dance With God.
3. Let Go of Perfect.
4. No Deposit, No Return.
5. Be in Awe!
6. Enjoy the Ride.
7. Care.  And Show You Do.
8. Dig a Little Deeper.

But there are still two more commandments I never wrote about.  Today's is: Remember, Don't Dwell.

This spurred out of a time in my life where it felt like I was stagnant.  That I couldn't move forward.  The past was pulling me.  Events from my life had built upon one another until it felt like a weight on my shoulders.

That is where this commandment comes in.  It's okay to remember the past.  To think about it once in awhile.  To take it out of the box, look at it, remember.  But then.  Then you need to put it back.  Put it back in the box.  Put the box back on the shelf.

Because the thing is, you can remember, but you shouldn't dwell.  You can't.  Because it's not fair.  Things that happen in your life change you.  Help you grow.  If you dwell in the past, your letting yourself down.  You are different than you were then.  So what you did, what you said, what others did or said, where you went, what you dreamed... that was a different version of you.

You, yes.  But a younger you.  A more naive you.

So my commandment is this, Remember, Don't Dwell.

Do your best to live your life, love others, forgive, be thankful, be in awe. 

Moments are precious, many things can wait... The Sunset Won't.

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