Thursday, November 17, 2011

Remembering to be Thankful

When life started to get overwhelming, and I felt like I was surrounded by darkness I took a break.  I took 15 minutes and created a notebook from some online company who's name I can't recall.

The point of this notebook, in my mind, was to have a space where I kept a record of what I'm thankful for.  The good things.  The great things.  The things that weren't so great, but something good came out of it.  The people and relationships I'm grateful for.  The events that happened that made me smile.

The second piece of the notebook was a place for me to write my concerns.  My worries.  What's frustrating me.  My hope was that I write those things down and get them out of my mind.  Of course, the worries and concerns don't disappear just like that.  They don't magically go 'poof!' just because I write it in a pretty pen in a notebook.  But the act of identifying those concerns, giving them a name, seems important.  I started this over a week ago and only have a couple entries.  But that's okay.  Eventually it's something I hope to do every other day or so.

Then on those darker days I can go back and look at all I have to be thankful for.  And a place to remember that even though I've written those concerns down, I'm not facing them alone.  That God already knows my concerns.  And He's with me all the way.

Remember, life is short.  So make mistakes.  
Learn lessons.  Live life the best you can, live it to the fullest. 
 Because many things in life can wait... but The Sunset Won't.


  1. This a lovely blog! I do the same as well. I also make lists of things I'm thankful for and stick them somewhere random and then when I find them later hopefully I won't be in that same unhanppy situation I was when I wrote them. I also put them in my Bible. :)

  2. I read your post on 20sb about critiquing your blog. I came here to critque until i read your post. I love this!, It is always nice to be reminded on ways to be thankful, and why. Great idea to, I never tried the notebook thing, but it is worth a try now


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