Wednesday, February 1, 2012

12 Changes: February Introduction

12 Changes in 12 Months, that's my goal.  12 little changes to a brand new new and improved me.

One month down, eleven to go.  Last month was about working out, it was the physical part of me.  This month is about the spiritual part of me:

February: Spend time every day in conversation with God.

Whether it's reading his word, spending time praying, listening, reading a devotional something.  But every day I will find time to spend in conversation with God.  Finding that rope tethered to him and holding on I think is going to be a wonderful way for me to stay anchored.

Anchored in life.  In faith.  In knowing who I am and who I'm going to be.  What I'm doing.  And why I'm doing it.  But I need that communication.

So I will pick up that tin can with a string that goes out my window and up to heaven, knowing He's got the can on the other line.  Anytime.  And every time I need him.  And even when I don't think I need him, He's still there.  Waiting to talk.  Waiting to listen.  To guide.

Remember life is short.  So think about your dreams a little harder.  
Reach a little higher.  Laugh a little louder.  Love a little stronger.  
Because many things in life can wait... The Sunset Won't!


  1. I love your 12 Changes goal for this month! It's a great one and will be my goal one of these months. :)

  2. These goals are kinda awesome, these are easy and change a person too, I hope your life change for the best :)



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