Sunday, June 24, 2012

Recapping the Last 20 Days

It's been almost 20 days since I've posted.  Holy cow.  That seems ridiculous to me.

Here are 20 Things I've Done in 20 Days:

1. Wrapped up my first teaching job.
2. Visited one of the biggest book sales I've ever been to, and bought lots of new books.
3. Hopped in a car for my first road trip with Ms. CK.
4. Drove through 7 states in 8 days.
5. Was awake and traveling/sightseeing for 36 hours straight, 15 of those driving.
6. Made it through said road trip with my friendship still in tact.
7. Toured 4 wineries, 1 whiskey factory, 3 breweries, and 1 tea factory.
8. During my vacation I saw some beautiful sights, hiked in some cool areas, visited some new places.
9. Visited a dear friend in her new home state. 
10. Bought my first growler of beer and managed to get it home safely.
11. Attended my first professional teaching conference out of state with some colleagues.
12. Had some interesting discussions with my colleagues about teaching, our school and our staff.
13. Learned some pretty neat things to use in my classroom next year.
14. Had one of the WORST experiences at a hotel that I've ever had.
15. Discovered a few neat things about my classroom next year.
16. Flew home and slept for almost a whole day.

17. Spent 15 of the 20 days away from home.

18. Read 5 books.
19. Watched two seasons of Dr. Who.
20. Received a package from my alma mater of some things I can give away to my students next year.  (Along with a sweet new t-shirt for myself!)

That's a quick overview.  What have you done in the last 20 days?

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