Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Ugly Cry

There is a picture somewhere in my parents house that is not a pretty one.  It's also one whose existence I have never forgotten.

It's of me, probably in middle school, in a big coral t-shirt, red cheeks, and tears streaming down my face.  My parents were tired of my crying about something and pulled the old "if you hold that expression to long your face will freeze that way"  and it's not a pretty face.

You know how you watch movies and a main character cries and they still manage to look good.  Or that friend who breaks into tears but looks like they are okay.  Well, I am NOT that friend.  The problem is that I can cry pretty easily at sweet, or really sad things on TV, but it's not a really emotional cry... but man when those hit...  I am an ugly crier.  You know how I know this?

Because today the straw that broke the camel's back appeared.  After speaking with someone at my house for a few minutes when I got home, I headed to wash my face, hoping that taking off the mask would make me feel a little better.  And then I felt it... that tear that slipped down my cheek.

And then, like a mighty river that can be held back the tears fell... as I was standing in front of a mirror. Not a pretty sight.  I cried for a couple minutes and then told my self to "get your s**t together."

When what I really should have done was headed to my room, crawled in bed and had an A+ cry.  Because as I've written before they can be cleansing.  As long as you can't see yourself.

Life is busy, it's fast paced.  
There is so much to do in what seems to be so little time.
Remember there are many things in life that can wait.  
But The Sunset Won't!


  1. Great post. I for one am a terribly ugly crier.

  2. I'm an unapologetic ugly crier. I'm one of those people who can be moved to tears by the smallest stuff, and for the longest time I believed that was weird and wrong... but I've learned to embrace it as I've gotten older. I'm not ashamed of my emotions anymore and since I stopped trying to pretend I don't have them, my quality of life has gotten SO much better.

  3. Me too! Maybe it's just genetic - because I'm also an ugly sweater (not the kind you wear). My friend somehow manages to "glow" when she sweats no matter how much she's sweating. When I sweat I look like I'm a melting burn victim or something.

  4. I think there is something beautiful and comforting about ugly cries, like uninhibited truth pouring from your soul.


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