Sunday, June 9, 2013

Listening at the Beach

As I sit down to try to weave together some cohesive, comprehend able mixture of words the after effects of Tropical Storm Andrea hit my cheek.  The tide is high in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.  While I can't see the moon I can see a few bright and shining stars peering down at me.  While I am backlit from the light of our rental house for the week the dark ocean roars and I'm watching the mighty white waves crash upon the shoreline.

If you know me, outside of The Sunset Won't, you may know that this has been a bit if a crazy year for me.  This week of vacation has kept me excited, motivated, moving, since mid-November when I made the deposit on our little slice of the sun and sand.

I started at work on Friday morning, getting up at the normal time of 540 to get ready for the work ahead.  But what was different about Friday was that it was the beginning of a very long 40 or so hours.  I got a couple hours of sleep on the adventurous drive from Minnesota straight through to North Carolina. 

That's right, straight through.  You read that right.  When there are three 26 year olds in a small car for 25 hours, let me tell you tensions start to run high,

And as I discern how to write about that drive, about the things I am earning about myself and the friends with me on this vacation... 

I sit.  In the dark.  Alone.  With a glass of wine next to me and my iPad in my lap as I type.  Trying to listen.  

Just listen.

To the waves rolling and crashing on the shoreline.  To the wind swirling around me.  To the thoughts swirling in my head.  To my emotions.  To myself.

I sit.

And listen.

And wait.

And hope.

That there is something for me in the listening.

Remember that many things in life can wait, but the waves, and The Sunset Won't. 

(What do you need to listen for in your life?)

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