Monday, October 21, 2013

Sparks, Nevada... Teachers

My thoughts and prayers go out to the students and staff at Sparks Middle School. Prayers to the family of math teacher Mr. Landsberry. Prayers and thanks to the teachers who will show up to work tomorrow, the next day and the next, in Sparks and all over the country. 

Teachers who show up not for the pay or the politics, for the hours of work they put in at home or the summers off, for the continuous pursuit of knowledge or the learning of new and sometimes better teaching methods, teachers who despite the new world we live in where danger is ever present in our school buildings...
show up for the students. 

Students whose education and lives are entrusted to them year after year by parents who only want the best. 

Thank you for standing behind your students 100%, but in front of them in times of danger. Thank you for making this a remarkable field to be a part of.

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