Friday, December 13, 2013

One of My Favorite Holiday Traditions

Tradition.  I am old-fashioned and love traditions.

Thanksgiving Eve brings my parents, brother and I to a holiday gathering of my Dad's family.  This year I drove to my parents' house and we carpooled down to the dinner.

It was around 5:30 pm.  The sun was setting and a chill hung in the air.  There we are, packed into a prius, laughing, chatting, getting excited for the turkey and the potatoes and the pie that we know are coming.

It was on the way that I noticed it.  THE tree.

There is a house that is perched on the highway.  Every night, late on Thanksgiving Eve they light a tree for the first time.  The tree can be seen from a mile away.  It is lit up in all it's LED glory.  A beacon of light and a sign of the season.  The tree is seen throughout the holidays.  It is one of my favorite things.

I was surprised to see it lit so early, so I got a little excited.  Picture a 26 year old woman, acting more like a 6 year old girl.

(cue higher pitched voice spoken quickly) "Oh my god the tree.  It's lit.  It's lit.  It's not normally lit.  Oooo.  It's so pretty."

On our way home I mentioned I'd never seen the tree close up.  It's been lit in some fashion for as long as I can remember.  At least 10 years.  Easily.

I lived only 5 miles or so away but had never seen it.

My mom instantly had my dad quickly cut across to the exit so I could go take a picture of the tree.  It is so pretty.

It just outside the door to their house, so I didn't want to go close to it.  I felt it might take away a bit of the majesty and magic of it.  So I jumped out, ran to the end of their driveway and snapped my shot.

Sitting here I can picture the tree and it makes me smile.

That tree, that bright beacon of beauty, is one of my favorite holiday traditions.

What is one of your favorite traditions during the holiday season?

(Stay tuned for more of mine!)

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