Monday, January 13, 2014

A Word for 2014

Last year I had discovered people on the internet choosing a word.  A single word that would inspire, encourage, uplift them through the next 365 days.

My word last year was RECLAIM.  I wanted to reclaim my health, my career, my faith and more.

This year I made a list of words that were jumping out at me.  Words that I kept thinking of.  The length of my list was a roller coaster.  It went up, it went down, it took a few twists and turns and then threw me around a loop-d-loop.

As of yesterday morning I narrowed my list down to four words.  Each feels like it could be the best one.

I had coffee with my Intern Pastor and a former youth group student.  We had a FANTASTIC conversation.  We talked about our lives, school, and a few faith questions.  I went throughout a busy day and as I laid in bed I was reflecting on some journaling I had been doing based on bible readings from the past week.  As I was reflecting, a certain word popped into my head a few times.

It felt first like a switch had been flipped, a light had gone on.  Then it was a sense of peace.

After a time of discernment, taking time to ensure I picked the right word for me, I discovered the word that would lead me throughout 2014.  That word is:

So here is to 2014.  May it be full of grace.  Receiving, accepting, and understanding it.  I may not know yet why that is my word, but I'm sticking to it.  

Many things in life can wait… but The Sunset Won't.

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