Saturday, March 1, 2014

Comforts While Ill

I now have a better appreciation for what my mom did for me whenever I was sick while I lived at my parents house.

I'm a terrible sick person.  I can tolerate pain.  I can push through many things.  But you throw a major cold or flu my way and I'm out.  I'll spare you the details but will say that kleenex, saltines, juice, dayquil and my quilts have all become essential today.

Back to my mother.  She came by this afternoon with supplies.  4 boxes of kleenex, two kinds of soup (an a third yesterday), chicken to make homemade chicken noodle soup, mac and cheese, jello, pudding, juice, more dayquil, nyquil, aleve, Airborne gummies and graham crackers.  She stayed long enough to have a cup of tea and then was off to get things done at her house.

However, she took the time to see what I needed and brought it up to my place.  Why do I appreciate what she did for me when I lived at home growing up?  Because I didn't have to do laundry while sick. Or dishes.  Or get out of bed to refill my juices if I was too tired.  Make me some cinnamon sugar toast. A paper bag was placed next to my bed for tissues.  A cat was always curled up on the bed with me.  A  quilt laid over me.

It surprised me today how much I craved some of those things my family does when one of us is sick.  Which is why I'm lucky my mom made a trip to bring me some things to help me feel better so I didn't go out to stores getting others sick.

Comforts when you're sick.  Things that make you feel better.  Sometimes inexplicably.  Amazingly.  These random things can help lift your spirits and heal your body.

What are your creature comforts when you're sick?

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  1. some things read at specific situations makes people too much emotional.
    especially when we are in need of help when we realize the value of people we are connected to.
    i run back to people who care for me when i am sick .
    I hope you feel better


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