Saturday, March 22, 2014

The What's.

I should live in Edwardian England, Sandra Bullock would play me in a movie based on my life, Abnegation is my faction. Sven from Frozen is my sidekick, Aurora is the Disney princess I'd be, Flynn Rider is my Disney prince, Beauty and the Beast is the Disney movie most like my life.  My patronus is a Doe and I'm Albus Dumbledore.  I'm also Johanna Mason, and I'd win the Hunger Games (really?!).

I could sit and get pulled into the time vortex by Buzzfeed.  It's entertaining and interesting, sometimes informational.  What really sucks me in are the seemingly infinite number of quizzes you can take.  

Choose a fruit, a favorite drink, a hobby, a color, a place you'd like to live, a food maybe a super power you'd like to have and BAM!  You are _____.

If only life were like that.  If only we could sit, answer a few questions and get the answers.  The answers to who we are and what we are supposed to do with our lives.

If only.  If only.

It's the darkness that creeps into your sunny day.  The blur in your pretty picture.

The "Whats."

What ifs?  What ams?  What ares?  What will be's? What do they think?"

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Life is not black and white.  Unfortunately you aren't handed a master map with dotted lines and a big X that says here's where you need to go and here is how you will get there.  No, instead we get a big ol' kick in the pants, a shove to our back and we jump.

We jump into the unknown.  We jump into the decisions that can so easily define us.  The moments that make us.  The situations that shapes us.

So a Doe may be my patronus, and I might survive the Hunger Games (again, really?!), perhaps I'm an Aurora seeking a Flynn Rider.  Maybe I am a member of Abnegation.


But I'm also me.  And while I don't totally know who that is, I'm challenging myself to start figuring it out.  To stop letting the "Whats" rule me.  Dictate who I am.  Because we can't be defined by a 3 minute quiz.

Remember, many things in life can wait.
But living, ignoring the what's,
and The Sunset Won't.

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