Sunday, May 25, 2014

An Opened Pocket

We all have pockets.  Places where pieces of us are stored that we don't share readily.  

Communication can be hard even with those we hold closest, or think we hold closest.  What I've realized over the last couple years is that sometimes it's hard to get to know people in your life.  It's work.

One of the oldest traditions in the world (big statement but I feel comfortable making it) is that of making a meal, breaking bread and conversing.  Two weeks ago, Friday night, was girls' night.  No boyfriends, husbands or children.  Just the four musketeers.

We sat around my kitchen table (which often is a catch all the mail table versus a dining space) and talked.  Soon the conversation turned more serious.  Pockets were being opened, insecurities brought to light.

It was decided that we would talk about one thing that each of us wanted to work on or needed help with.  Since it's not my story to tell I won't share about others.  But when it came to be my turn, it felt a little like sitting under the spotlight in an interrogation room.  It was uncomfortable.  Emotional. 

Rather than hearing what others thought they could help with, I went with something that I feel is a core problem for me.  One thing that I think if addressed would affect other areas of my life. Self-worth.  

Self-worth to me, is recognizing that I am greater than what others think of me.  I am greater than what I think, feel and believe about my self.  

Yes, I want to feel better about myself, but it's more important to appreciate who you are and realize that who you are is good.  However you are, you are good.  I want to remember that I have value no matter what.   

Once we had each settled on something, we then had a task, a job, a mission.  

My mission, should I choose to accept it (which I have to) was to "Be open to being valued, to realize that I have value and am appreciated.  To hear a compliment and trust it is meant and not just being said."  

I opened a pocket.  I opened for my closest friends, but as I write I realize I'm opening it for you.  Whoever you may be.  Sitting at your computer or on your phone, you who have stumbled onto this site.  

If you had to open a pocket, find one thing that you wanted to work on, what would it be?

Remember, many things in life can wait.
But sharing those pockets with your friends,
finding the value you have 
and The Sunset Won't.

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