Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Three Hearts

I was watching NCIS: Los Angeles a few months ago and was intrigued when a character referred to every person having three hearts.

The first you show only to strangers.
The second heart you show only to your family and your soul mate.
And the third heart, the third heart you never let anyone see.

According to the show the explanation is that the third heart is one you never let anyone see because there's too much truth and risk inside.

I tend to disagree with no one seeing your third heart ever.  God is someone who would see and know all your hearts.

But I also wonder, what if that third heart is something that you have to discover?  It's there inside you, but even you don't yet know all it's secrets?

As you go through life and you learn more about yourself, as you discover things that you love, have experiences that build you and change you, what if that heart starts to open?

My question is this, what is in your third heart?  Do you yet know?

Remember many things in life can wait.
But discovering your hearts, learning to share them,
and The Sunset Won't.

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