Saturday, November 1, 2014

Filling Your Cup, Wherever You Need To

"You can't serve others and help them fill their spiritual cup if yours is empty."

This was a message given to me this week.  A group of women that my mom has known and been friends with for years were together for a weekend.  Afterwards, my mom asked to speak to me to share this tidbit.

They were discussing church, faith and their children.  Several of them have kids who are either my age or my younger brothers age.

It came up that I'm going back to school in a few months.  That I'm busy with work, a second job and slowly (oh so very slowly) recovering from a Summer illness.

I was encouraged to attend worship at a church other than the one I currently attend.

It feels strange leaving the church.  Straying, even if just for a Sunday.

I feel an obligation to my church, even if I don't think they feel an obligation towards my generation.

I feel a sense of loyalty even if I don't always feel the loyalty reciprocated.

But with the strong questioning of my faith lately, I need to try something.

So tomorrow, I am headed with a friend to check out this Sunday evening worship.  I'm excited, and nervous.

Remember many things in life can wait.  
But filling your cup, and The Sunset Won't.

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