Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Investments... Friendship Style

Being an adult is hard.  Creating and maintaining adult friendships is harder.  Communication, understanding, spending time together... it's an investment.

Often it's an investment worth making.
It pays back in dividends.  In conversations that calm you down.  In happy hours to support.  In sitting in the silence while one friend cries.  In being an ear to process a story.

Sometimes it's an investment that pays off in the long run.  It's knowing someone is there if you need them.  It's the catch-up dinners that take place every month or so.  It's the questions answered when you can't think anymore.

There are also times when you come out at a loss.  When you feel like you put in more than you get back.  When you aren't sure where you stand.  You get nervous as you invest.  Unsure how things will shake out.  It's a risky game.

It's hard to be friends as adults.  We are busy.  Jobs, homes, kids, significant others, health concerns, school, and more.

You have to invest your "time & energy" money wisely.
Investments can be a gamble.

Are they always worth it?

We all need relationships.  Otherwise life is lonely.

But what those relationships look like, that's up to you.

Remember many things in life can wait,
but The Sunset Won't.

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