Monday, January 2, 2017

500 Days

It's been roughly 500 days since I last put finger to keyboard and wrote a post for this blog.  For awhile I never thought I'd stop writing and then the inspiration simply started to fade.  But reflecting on those 500 days, the 364 days left of 2017, and the 150 odd days left of my 20s I felt a pull to open this once more.

I'm hoping it lasts awhile.

Maybe I'll come up with something amazing and this blog explodes as I once dreamed it would.

Or perhaps it will again serve as a window into my life.  A snapshot I can return to in the future and see just how far I've come.

For today I sign off with anticipation of sharing with you, whoever you may be, about my plans for this year, and some lessons I've learned recently.

Until then remember,
        Many things in life can wait,
                But The Sunset Won't.

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