Sunday, June 25, 2017

30 Pieces of Advice

I recently turned 30, which to me seemed to be outrageous.  I am not where I thought I'd be right now.  It's hard beating expectation back with reality, and finding a reality that you enjoy.

They say that with age comes wisdom, and while I don't feel very wise, I thought it would be interesting to see what 30 pieces of advice I would give to others.

1. You have to like yourself.  You spend the most time with YOU, so make sure you're the type of person you want to be around.

2. Everyone has a different path.  Don't run someone else's race, and don't let them run yours.

3. Sometimes, you have to roll with it.  Or like Elsa says, let it go.

4. And for those times you just can't roll with it, quietly get out of the way.

5. The things you have today are probably things you prayed for in the past.  Think about it.

6. You are not alone.  Ever.  Even when you feel like you've fallen in a pit and no one can see you, I promise, someone can.

7. Finding a hobby is important.  People always say this, I didn't believe them.  I do now.

8. Communication is hard.  Honest, open communication is harder still.  You have to work at it, but it makes a difference.

9. There will be friendships you regret losing, and they are often nearly impossible to reclaim as time goes on.  Which means hold dear the friendships you have, and work hard not to lose them.

10. Sometimes people are more weight than you can carry.  It's okay to let go of unhealthy relationships.

11. Answer the phone every time a grandparent calls.  If for some reason you can't, call them back.  There will be a day when they no longer answer.  And it can be heartbreaking.

12. Reflection is important to growth, discovery and understanding.  But don't get stuck in the weeds.

13. Find something to geek out/nerd out about.  (Ahem, Harry Potter)  Be passionate, be invested, own it.

14. Learn to cook at least one dish REALLY well.  If it's a full meal, even better.

15. Make time to roll down the windows, blast the music and jam on a highway.  Ahh... freedom of the open road.

16. Take a road trip with friends, make it a long one!

17. Give genuine compliments and words of affirmation.  It's a neglected area of human interaction.  Let's change that.  

18. Disagreeing with people is okay, disrespecting those people is not.

19. Give back.  Whether it's in your chosen profession, through a faith community, or other volunteer work, find a way to give back to others.  It doesn't have to be monetary.  And it doesn't have to be forever.  Start and stop as you are able, just give.

20. Always have an adult beverage in your home.  You never know when a friend shows up needing company, and a lovely glass of pinot.

21. Nobody is perfect.  They may look that way, you may see them that way, but they aren't. 

22. Comparison is the thief of joy.  I read that somewhere, but oh Lord is it true.

23. Negative talk.  Find a way to shut. it. down.  (Much easier said than done, I'm still working on that one.)

24. Advocate.

25. Own your quirks.  They make you who you are.  And who you are is interesting!  (The radio volume better not be on an odd number that isn't 11 or doesn't end in a 5.)  :)

26. While we are at it, stop apologizing.  Because honestly, I bet much of the time you use that word you don't need to apologize.  You are watering down a word that is powerful, because it needs to be.  Apologize when you need to, find a different word for when you don't.

27. Be informed.  

28. It's okay to be wrong.  

29. Failure is not the end.  It's the beginning of success.  Fall down, and get back up.  That's how we learn, and how we grow.  

30.  Things in life come and go.  Times change, people change.  To do lists pile up, red icons on phones show up with increasing numbers.  These things, they can all wait, The Sunset Won't.

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