Friday, March 26, 2010

The Blind Side

Last night I sat down to watch "The Blind Side".  Let me first remind you that I am not a huge sports fan.  But for some strange reason I LOVE sports movies.  The ones with a semi sappy story.  Like "Remember the Titans," "Glory Road," and "Miracle."  They are some of my favorite movies.  Ones that I can watch over and over again.

After Sandra Bullock won her award, and Quinton Aaron was on Law and Order this week I finally took time to watch the movie.  "The Blind Side" did not disappoint.  It was a fantastic film.  I laughed, I cried and everything in between.

I believe that Sandra Bullock might be one of the most under-appreciated actresses out there.  I love her in almost everything she is in.  I will forgive her for Miss Congeniality 2 and even for Speed 2.  But in this film she shines.  After awhile I forgot it was her and just saw her as Leigh Ann Tuohy.  She is such a wonderful actress and always seems so down to earth. The rest of the cast (including country artist Tim McGraw) also did a wonderful job.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone looking for an inspirational feel-good movie.  For another review check out Confessions of a Philly Girl who also just blogged about "The Blind Side."  Happy Watching.


  1. Wasn't this a great movie. I was so impressed by Bullock. She looked great and did a great job acting. A very inspirational story!

  2. I'm very excited to see this one!Hopefully this week. I love sports movies, I think it's the team spirit thing that gets me.

  3. I feel the same way about sports movies! I think my favourite is "The Rookie" with Dennis Quaid.

  4. Oh Debbie thats a good one too! I also thought of Invincible with Mark Whalberg. Also a fairly good one.


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