Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Rainy Day

Sometimes rain is irritating, right? It frizzes your hair, soaks your shoes, makes driving a little slower.

But rain can also be great. I love when your driving and the windshield wipers go to the beat of the music in the car. Or when you go under a bridge and you have that second of silence before the pelting of your windshield again. (See 1000 Awesome Things for great posts on this)

Rain is cleansing. It melts the snow a little faster revealing the long hidden earth below. It's one of the first signs of spring. It greens the grass. It helps plants, trees and flowers grow. I love the smell of the atmosphere just before a rain. And just after a fresh rainfall. I may be 22 years old but sometimes I revert to that 6 year old girl who loves to jump and splash in the puddles or dance in the rain. Sometimes I enjoy stopping and just letting the rain hit my face. Granted it has to be a day when I am not headed anywhere because frizzy hair and half washed off makeup would not be an attractive look at work or out with friends.

While rain can be physically cleansing it also can be a great reminder of metaphorical cleansing. When it rains things are washed away. So I often can't help but take a moment and think about letting all the 'dirt' in my life be washed away. It's freeing.

I have to admit the forecasted 5 straight days of rain might get a little long. And I will miss the sunshine. But it makes me appreciate the sunshine that much more. I often take for granted the good things in life. The simple things. And the sunshine after the rain is a good reminder of that.

So the next time it rains don't think of all the bad things that entails. Remember the sunshine that comes after the rain.

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