Monday, April 5, 2010

C'mon Get Happy!

Yes, two posts in one day.

Today I discovered that Hema P at Wading through Words has been so gracious, and passed on the "Happiness 101 Award" to The Sunset Won't.  I am touched and honored to receive this as my blog's first award.

In order to accept the award, I am to list ten things that make me happy and then pass the award on to five other friends.  I find that this is an extremely fitting time (just after Easter) for this award to be circulating and am excited to pass it on.  Here is my list:

1.  Finally remembering that thing you couldn't remember.  Whether it be the name of a movie, actor, song, artist, city etc for some reason you just couldn't remember the name.  Then some time later, at a random point you remember the name.  Remembering something I couldn't earlier makes me happy.
2.  Books.  Plain and simple.  I love to read.  Getting lost in a story makes me happy.
3.  A favorite musical artist releases a new song that you didn't know about.  You're on iTunes, or listening to the radio and all of the sudden you recognize a voice.  It's your favorite artist singing a new song you didn't know they were releasing.  Hearing a new song by a favorite artist makes me happy.
4.  Getting in the fastest line.  You have had a long day shopping and are ready to checkout.  You get to the front of the store, lines form and you have to make the decision on which line to get into.  Is the shorter line necessarily going to be faster?  Or will the employee in the longer line be quicker at ringing up customers?  Lucking out and getting in the faster lane makes me happy.
5.  White, wispy clouds.  Looking into the sky on a sunny day and seeing clouds can entertain little kids pretty easily.  And I suppose I am a kid at heart.   Seeing clouds and trying to find thing they are shaped like makes me happy.
6.  Hearing a child laugh.  Have you seen the you tube clip of the little kid that laughs hysterically at a noise someone is making in the background?  Love it!  I can be having the worst day, but hearing a child laugh makes me happy.
7.  Getting mail.  Nobody likes getting bills or junk mail.  But everyone loves getting mail, right?  Getting a surprise letter, card or package in the mail makes me happy.
8.  Mementos.  Whether its my tea pot from London, pictures of the WWII Memorial in DC, shot glasses from the Black Hills or something completely different, taking a minute to look at mementos from great trips is an instant pick me up.  Looking at mementos and remembering a wonderful trip makes me happy.
9.  Cleaning off my desk.  I can sometimes be a little obsessive about some organizational things.  Putting away the stack of papers, throwing old receipts, organizing what's left on the desk are things I typically have to do before I can get any work done.  Working at a clean desk makes me happy.
10.  Sleeping under a quilt.  My mom is a quilter.  I have been blessed to receive several quilts from her.  For some reason the cocoon effect that heavy blankets can give you when you sink down in your bed makes me sleep a little better.  Sleeping under a handmade quilt makes me happy.

So there is my list.  I must thank Hema P for thinking of me and passing along this award (and for creating the image).  Here are the five people/blogs that I have chosen to pass this award on to.      Whether its the style they write in, the topics they blog about, the stories they tell these blogs make me happy and I thank each of you for sharing your stories.  I always look forward to reading your next post!
1. Magpie at Dazzled by Life
5. Christy at 25 Before 25

To you, yes you, the person reading this, what makes you happy?  I would love to hear from you here, or on the "Happy List" page!


  1. You are very welcome, Heather. That was super quick -- you put together the post so fast!

    The first time I happened upon your blog, what impressed me most was that you were working on a happiness list! It was only natural that this award should find its way to your blog... :-)

    Love your list. Can completely relate to #1 and #9 among other things!

  2. I have the week off and I needed a break from job applications which is why the turn around was so quick.

    I am glad you found your way here. I am excited to keep working on the list because I think things will continue to get more specific as I go. Could be interesting :)

  3. Thanks so much for the award!!! I put my list up this afternoon!

  4. Oh!! Thank you! I need to do my award post, seriously!!! :D

    I LOVE this! You've definitely made me happy!

  5. Thank you, Heather! So kind of you. And I agree with a lot of your happy things, too! :)


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