Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

It's Wednesday.  For many, it's one of the busier days of the week.  You realize all the work that must be done before Friday.  Maybe you have commitments in the evening that tie you up.  Maybe you are just tired after a couple long days at work.  

Regardless, Wordy Wednesday here at 'The Sunset Won't' is a quote, short passage or verse that I enjoy and I want to pass along to you.  So here is this week's Wordy Wednesday installment:

Anyone can achieve their fullest potential.  
Who we are might be predetermined.  
The path we follow is always of our own choosing.  
We should never allow our fears or the expectations of others 
to set the frontiers of our destiny.  
You're destiny can't be changed.  
But it can be challenged.  
Every man is born as many men; 
and dies as a single one.
[TV Show NCIS]

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  1. 'The path we choose is our choice'..yes bus Wednesday, thanks for the quote!


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