Thursday, June 17, 2010

In The Next Ten Years

Well, oh my goodness, twice in one week.  Debbie from The College Years has given another award to The Sunset Won't.  This time it's the "You're Going Places, Baby" Award.  For this award you share where you see yourself in ten years, and then pass it along to ten fellow bloggers.  

Ten years from today I will be 33.  Ten years is a lot of ground to cover, many things can happen.  Coming up with things off the top of your head is harder than I imagined.  If I were to imagine where I would like to be in ten years what would it look like?  

In ten years I will have started my own family.  I will have found Mr. Right-for-Me.  He will be the man that God had planned for me.  We will be married.  I would love to have children within the next ten years.  Maybe even purchased our first home.  I can picture it.  Of course my main requirement is it must have a front porch.  A big front porch with rocking chairs and a swing.  It will sit on a relatively good size piece of land, or at least won't feel incredibly crowded.  The love in my home will spill onto the lawn.  My home will be a place where all are welcome and all feel welcomed.

I will be surrounded by a circle of friends.  A variety of friends.  I will have a couple girlfriends on whom I can count on no matter what.  They are there for every laugh, every tear, every loss, and every gain.

In ten years I will be working as a US History teacher, in a wonderful school district, and I will have tenure.  My class will be one where students learn a lot while having fun and learning life lessons as well.  I will have a good working relationship with my colleagues and will have a reputation as a great teacher.  If I were really dreaming big I would have won teacher of the year :)

I will be healthy.  I will have learned to handle my health issues.  I will have learned to live with them, learned to avoid them, learned to accept them.  Depression will be a ten letter word that no longer fits in my vocabulary.  I will have learned to accept who I am, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

I will be spiritually fulfilled.  My faith will continue to grow and my relationship with God will strengthen.  I will have a church home and family that fill my cup to the point of overflowing.

In those ten years I will have lived, learned and loved the most I can.  I will have given what I can and taken only what I need.  I will be healthy and happy.  I will be me.  And I will love it.  My life may not turn out to be like this in ten years.  In ten years I hope that God will have led me down a path, not to the life I want, but to the life I need.  The life I am meant to live.

If you were to picture where you want your life to be in ten years, what would it look like?

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  1. Again, thank you so much for passing this on! I'll post about it this weekend. And I'll read your post more carefully (I'm on a break at work, hehe).

    Have an amazing weekend!

  2. Sounds like a great plan! Love the pic you used for this post.

  3. Congratulations, Heather! You deserve this award -- your blog is definitely going places! I love the list of ten things you came up with, and I hope that every one of them is fulfilled.

    Thank you so much for passing it along to me -- I am honored!

  4. Yes i must add yor blog is going places and I hope ten years fromnow you will have all that you pray for.


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