Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

It's Wednesday.  For many, it's one of the busier days of the week.  You realize all the work that must be done before Friday.  Maybe you have commitments in the evening that tie you up.  Maybe you are just tired after a couple long days at work.  

Regardless, Wordy Wednesday here at 'The Sunset Won't' is a quote, short passage or verse that I enjoy and I want to pass along to you.  Today's quotes are from two different TV shows, each quote dealing with paths and choices that define who you are.  Enjoy.

Everyone's got their own path. Some are only just beginning, while others end all too soon. However you do it, the fact is, the path you're on, the choices you make, define who you are. Choices. They're the building blocks or our lives, they shape our past, present and future. And despite all the mistakes I've made, every new day brings with it new choices and their whole new world of possibilities.  
-Being Erica

It's a choice.  That you make every day.  About who you want to be.  And who you want to be it with.  It means appreciating what's happened in your life to bring you to this point.  And letting go of it.  And it means being willing to commit with no guarantees.  It means knowing and expecting reality you just might get the fantasy you always dreamed about. 
-Life UnExpected


  1. i love the second quote. It definitely resonates within me... especially the part about letting go of the past.
    Thank you for these great quotes!

  2. "Willing to commit with no guarantees" sounds so frightening. But the only guarantees in life are the ones that come from God's love for me, so I'm willing to trust in that. :-)

  3. The second one is great and very true. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great quotes! Choices are lovely as long as they're not all of the same priority! :)


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